Sunday, March 1, 2009

Baby it is cold outside! ...March is roaring into Newark

The sun was shining and the sky was crystal blue and oh so inviting...until I walked outside. The winds kicked in the windchill fact and I felt as is I was frozen to my bones. I ran errands, checked in on Don's new studio space; he is making great progress in downsizing and making some pretty major changes as an 83 year old artist. I felt as if there was a message hidden in plain sight for me...if you don't use it you must lose it. In other words one needs to share the resources and continue the process with other artists so later on you do not have to seek and find a perfect place for our precious "art stuff". I came home with some great papers to incorporate into my next art exchange with artists in New Zealand...yes I said New wonderful kiwis! I am still playing with ideas that would cross cultural lines for easy communication ...or not.
I am working a little each day on my second Australian quilt and have made it to my mischievous wandjini. A wandjini is a childlike spirit that can produce a multitude of playful opportunities and mishaps in an ordinary day for those who travel by "dreaming". I have found some beautiful mother of pearl embellishments that hopefully will invite my viewer to come closer and study the mixed media layers in this process. I am sketching into my hand dyed fabric with various colors of thread before I add the colors I loved in heart's memory still holds the radiance in my dreams.
I am getting tired and need to finish my notebook entries and sort through the collected papers I now cherish. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Hi again, MH. I'm thinking about starting a blog that will be the next generation of my now-stuck Turtle Trax Diary on my site. I can't decide if I should do it here on Blogger or WordPress, or where, but its link would be there in my own real site, Do you think Blogger is best? I'm glad you posted last night. Can't wait to see the new work with the pearl stuff on it! Stay warm and busy! Much love, Lucky

  2. Greetings from the tundra dear lady of white light! I have only had experienced this blogspot but is has been very easy to work with and share with the world. I doubt if others will get as much from it as I do writing it but it does help me "focus" on what I really want to spend my time here on earth creating. Zero degrees outside but my heart is always warmed when I hear from others. Ken is collaborating with me with the videos and the photos so who knows which direction we will take. Imagine and live in Peace, Mary Helen