Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturdays are for catch-up...

Ken is passing the day away with his beloved NCAA tournament and I am attempting to catch up with my emails...I have not been on the computer very much this week but Thank You Vicki for your kind words. Yesterday I got a new tire and rotated the other three to insure proper road security. I know it is a simple thing that we often forget to be grateful for especially when they work properly! I enjoyed my girls yesterday and we made plans to make some collages for Spring Break! WooHoo! We are helping Mr.Don with his "tag" sale tonight so that should be fun and I hope he gets a great turnout.
I am beginning to add the precious beads that I have been collecting for the Kath Walker piece... This part of the process gives me energy to continue on with a blaze of colors and possible textures. Tonight I will return home to continue my process as the headaches are beginning to let up and keeping me in bed more than I would like. I am getting back to my journal about my daily or almost daily influences as this exhibit slowly comes to life. When the weather is warmer and secure I want to dye some experimental colors on my cloths that I am collecting to incorporate into the assemblages. I work so slowly that sometimes I do get frustrated until I give myself permission to just let go and enjoy the steps I need to take to satisfy myself. I do know some short cuts for smaller projects but if I am going to do something I want it to be my best mark possible. Have a great weekend. Imagine and live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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