Monday, March 30, 2009

the first day of Spring break...Yahoo!

Dentist appointment ...yuck but necessary. Then the girls and Tina and I went to Red Lobster for lunch to build up our fortitude. Tina rushed off to work and the girls and I ran a few Maya Rose's ears re-pierced with lovely pink flowers...went to Mr. Don's to pick up a few more things and Maya and Sabrina each got an old briefcase to be personalized into their own "Art briefcase" that makes everything portable and ready at a moments notice. We then made our way to the cabin and were met by three young deer waking from their afternoon nap. The three of us made a chicken recipe with fresh bright red peppers, onions and mushrooms, rosemary and I had the girls each peel the carrots for the last of ingredients. It was a simple meal with long grain wild rice and mushrooms but I enjoyed working with them to prepare a homemade dinner. They worked on their watercolors and brush strokes at the dining room table and both were enchanted by adding a sparkle finish to the layers of colors... Maya worked on a portrait image and Sabrina painted the church steeple from Oberlin College ...Marilyn Stocker had given me two back issues of the OWS exhibits and I shared them for inspiration. Tomorrow we have some printmaking on bright yellow tee shirts for the Spring break and then we will sew tropical buttons on the neckline for pizazz. We may try to do some Nature sketching from the front porch if I can keep Miss Sabrina quiet enough not to scare away the wildlife. Finally I want to share my King Tut coffee table book to see if they would be interested in going to the Columbus Museum of Art...we will see about visiting on Wednesday in case of predicted rain. Tonight I have been putting our supplies together and getting my quilting ready to be close enough for advice but not in their way. They are becoming more and more independent and ever so helpful in helping me collect "metal elements" for my sculpture I am trying to pull together. They have quite an imagination and they seem to understand what I want to happen. Children can empower the fear right out of the "what if" I fail thoughts that can creep into my mind when I do something new. Have a great night. Imagine and live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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