Saturday, March 7, 2009

a shimmering glimmer of Hope...

My last 48 hours have been filled with energetic young grand children. Cole is almost just a couple weeks. Morgan is now six weeks old and discovering the world around her and content to just be in on the "in" crowd activities. Mom Erin had her check up with her doctor and received a good report even though I am sure a little more sleep would come in handy. Dad Chance delivered an eight pound little baby boy at his day at work. We all came together to celebrate a simple ritual of making homemade pizza on "Spalding Friday Night Pizza Party". Everyone can make their own toppings and tasting was just part of Mr. Cole's assigned job. We all laughed as he prepared a fabulous pizza for every one's gourmet delight. I taught him to say "Manga!" with great gusto and Ken even caught it all on tape. I do see another travel to Italy for this young chef and his gusto for preparing a wonderful meal. We sat at the dining room table and shared our day's activities with each other but I know in my heart Ken and I had the most wonderful afternoon two grandparents could even experience. The weather was warm enough to walk three times...once is never enough when you are almost two years old. We saw a gray elephant wearing a pink joking we really did and Cole had a running commentary of his new friend. We watched the school bus drop off the Friday home deliveries and we counted each and every one of them. We walked down to watch the workmen building the new porches on the newest townhouses down from their home. We watched a huge long hair gray cat playing in his cat house in the front window and it took some persuasion to explain to Cole that we could not go into that townhouse because they were at work. I honestly do not know what Cole is telling me all the time but I will treasure these brief moments in time with my awesome grandson. Erin and Chance have a dear friend studying here in the USA who is originally from New Zealand. Angus came to Columbus to participate in the Arnold Expo for physical fitness and be in the fencing competition. We still have not heard how everything went for Angus but there is never a dull moment in the Spalding home. I feel so proud of this young and loving family and could bore those of you who do not have children, but seeing the radiance of kindness and gentle loving touches for each other fills my heart with the power of Love. At one moment for no reason at all Cole ran over to me and gave me a full body hug and sweet kiss. I pray I will forever hold this memory in my heart. I relive these moments as I quilt my woman's work piece and with every single stitch I am grateful for those I love and love me. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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