Monday, March 23, 2009

Painting is not a means of communication or even self -expression, but rather a process of discovering or uncovering. Louis de Brocquy

I attended the Licking County Democratic Women in Public Service caucus where Jennifer Brunner, our Secretary of State as the honored guest speaker. This was a new experience for me but I felt informed and reassured by Mrs. Brunner's informative speech how we all can give service. No, I will not run for office but it is good to meet another woman, wife , mother who graduated from Capital Law School and went on to improve the election fiasco left behind by Blackwell. Our very own Julie Barrett was one of the women who received recognition for her service and dedication to lives in Licking county. Bravo Julie! I listened and learned and passed on information about our new location... many were still unaware that we had moved to 38 south Third Street. I received an email about the possibility of hosting one of their events in the gallery and have forwarded this question and possibility for further development and marketing. Each one of us as members can advocate for the LCA and the chance to share the space with others that may not be coming in on their own. It is just a thought....
Saturday Ken and I helped Mr. Don with his cocktail and wine soiree to promote his "tag" sale. Ken opened the bottles and I poured while others served delicious finger foods to potential customers. Even if you did not buy anything there was a good time socializing and seeing persons closed in by the Winter weather. There were some wonderful buys and precious memories to take a little piece of Don home to your individual studio to cherish. At the end of the night I washed the wine glasses and kind of enjoyed the hot sudsy water and the process of putting life back into some kind of order for Don as he downsizes from 2 condos to 1.
Today I needed more rest than usual but the sunshine filled my spirit as I went through collage materials, watercolor papers and just played with "art stuff". Little by little I am organizing clear plastic containers that stack and I can sort by month, season, and processes the stamps and colors I would need to start each month's projects. I found my inspiration for my spring fling piece but with everything going on I probably will not get to finish it on time. That is the problem with my fluctuating energies and it is easier to pick up my quiet needle and threads. Have a great week and I will hopefully see you at the opening. Imagine and live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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