Sunday, March 8, 2009

A time to reflect...

It is Sunday already and we were happy to have warm temperatures for the whole weekend when last year at this time we had a blizzard with 21 inches of Snow! Ken and I moved some little things for Mr. Don and will move a bed and box spring mattress over to Tina and Ryan's and move one for Don so they can have a little room to stage the materials that will be packed and moved to Houston at Jon and Irene' home. Yes, everything is in disarray for the moment but stay tuned for his cocktail party/tag sale as Don downsizes his estate and makes this next transition a wee bit easier. I am sorting and attempting to condense my valuable art stuff but I came home with vintage aprons that I plan to incorporate into my tribute to Working Women. Research dear Ken research! I also came home with a much loved and in desperate need of repair at the leather /shoe repairman's shop...but an old worn leather satchel Don carried for years as an architect. I had wanted my own father's briefcase but somehow it disappeared or was donated before I had a chance to speak up. I plan to refurbish, stamp and maybe even brand this artifact to have for my daily commute to here and there??? I found an old art publication and there is a fascinating article about Marcel Duchamp and his unique processes he could visualize and produce with found objects. I am an awesome fan of dumpster diving and tonight on 60 minutes they had a college professor who reclaims other people's throw aways and uses them himself or finds homes in the church free giveaway project. His house is art deco with original lamps and furniture from the 1950's... real collector items that others would peruse ebay to locate just the right item they require for their decorating sense. In this economy maybe we will see more generations recycling, reusing and reducing the trash in out landfills. I am still collecting my "rusty items" to make my sculpture that will disintegrate in my backyard garden throughout the coming seasons. You may be surprised because this eclectic work is evolving a little more with each day and I am not quite sure where it will end up. I told Ken I am visiting the pony-tailed welders as soon as the weather warms up to begin the transformation stages. Enough day dreaming for now since I need to get some more work completed tonight. You are in my prayers Nobles and Wagners as you encounter the ordeals in tomorrow's passage. Walk in the white healing light and go in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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