Friday, March 20, 2009

I have had one of those weeks...

Today is Friday and this has not been my week. I did do well at Riverside Hospital with the brain exploration. I was awake for the whole procedure and held in the hands of qualified physicians. I was very exhausted from the whole ordeal but it seems that the blood flow is working well. The headache is how I pay the piper to keep everyone involved and alert to the progression in my brain. I came home and slept for hours but I think that is the way my body copes with the invasive procedure. On Wednesday we went to pick up Penny Boy but my best laid plans went awry to say the least. Penny Boy was a much larger dog who was really 12 years old and had bad cataracts and to top it all he was deaf. The ride home was stressful for the poor creature because everything was foreign to him. We had to lift him into the RV because his hips were unstable. When we got to our home we walked him slowly around the premises but he seemed to be agitated because nothing was familiar to his senses. He walked around the first floor of the cabin and could see shapes and shadows so he did not crash into the furniture. We laid out his bed and bedding with some of Brenda's clothing next to my bed so I could hopefully coaxed him to relax. That was our plan at least in the beginning. Ken was extremely patient with me and the poor dog. Then he got underfoot and tripped me down and proceeded to walk over my body. I was bruised and saddened by the fact that Penny Boy was a much stronger animal and facing panic at every turn. I would be the one to spend most of the time here in the house and I now knew I could not stop him if he going to make an escape. Ken drove him back to Sharon Brooke while I cried and put frozen vegetables on my ever growing bumps and bruises. On Thursday I went in the morning to the funeral for Brenda and Penny Boy came over and put his big brown eyes into my lap as if to ask me what was really happening. The animal was grieving , refusing to eat and totally unable to grasp the situation. I left in tears and felt that I had let Brenda and Penny Boy down. I went to docent at the gallery and kept busy painting with little LuLu Argyle and listened to Marilyn give lessons on color wash and a stenciling technique. Vicki Noble made a contribution to my rusty sculpture adventure and when I went out to leave I had a big old flat tire. The POT hole wins again and the GEO takes a hit. The Tire guys over on second came over to fill the flat enough to get it to the shop. There we discovered the tire was spilt and would have to be replaced. Thank you Vicki for helping me to keep calm and now today it has been replaced. The tire and balancing and rotation was not exactly in what I used to call "my budget" but "que sera sera". I picked up Maya and Sabrina at school and they have spent the last couple of hours here at the Stewart homestead. Thank you all for your kind words and prayers and today is a better day. I learned a lot this week and now I am planning to give back and play it forward to all. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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  1. I pray you will have a pleasant and peaceful weekend. You always brighten my day when we visit. Yesterday I needed a break and you as always gave me strength and joy. Thank you, my friend!