Tuesday, March 24, 2009

better living through chemistry...

I am watching the Oprah show about how they can now regenerate body organs for future transplantation in bodies who need new vital organs to sustain life...a quality life. Calorie restriction diets that could allow us to live younger in the later decades of our life... all of these studies and research experiments allow us to rebuild our own bodies in an incubation laboratory environment. Stem cells are the key to making science fiction before now an authentic reality. The art of science may allow us to regain strength and vitality to regrow an organ, our own organ with stem cells from our own bodies, to fill the transplant shortage. This is an incredible transformation in how we can fight disease and replace our own regenerated organs instead of tired,worn out and diseased organs. I am hopeful and positive that immune systems will offer hope for those surviving with a system that attacks its host body. I truly believe that God is guiding the minds and hands of these brave doctors making drastic changes in how we will heal in the very near future. The University of Pittsburgh grew a new finger tip for a man in his 70's by growth stimulation hormones and within 4 weeks the gentleman had a new complete finger.
For those who look at the time on my blog you will see that I am on Pacific time. I do not know how to change it so hang in there until I figure this out.
Oxygen therapy is another new method of restoring the bodies system for a calmer and more awareness and possible treatment for stroke victims to keep tissue alive after the damage of a TIA or major stroke. I wish I could share the sparks of energetic colors I could see with the brain...my eyes were closed last week during the intervention process. The only comparison I can make is the images of fireworks exploding in a dark sky and that is totally inadequate and short charge in the energy I could feel. Blood flow and good circulation is vital maintaining brain alertness and visual acuity into our eighties. I know I am looking for a miracle and read my "Real Age" emails daily and even got caught up in the free acacia berry controversy to improve my immune system. I am such a sucker but I will have to continue to increase my fresh fruits and vegetables daily to build up strength like David Murdock who went from 6 cents to a multi-millionaire. Real estate and Dole pineapple people made his first millions and now a well-being center for all who are struggling with cancer in North Carolina ...research in nutrition and disease research can make for better health. The study of metabolism in one drop on our blood and how our nutrition choices can include the super foods analyze which foods we need to continue to heal and regenerate cells that help to keep us feeling young. The healthier you eat the more you can create your beautiful works of art! If we feel good we can make great art! Imagine and live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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