Saturday, February 28, 2009

a quiet Saturday of long will my dining room table survive?

Today was cloaked in a soft blanket of gray skies. I thought I would be babysitting with my three girls but best laid plans...change unfortunately. Instead I worked on some rotation of my art stuff...which usually distracts me into another process of art play. Focus Mary...take baby steps. Ken has worked hard on my "disintegration"video but the shine on my photos annoys me somewhat. But I do refuse to re-shoot the pics because that would offend the integrity of letting go with Nature. "You can make a difference" is stamped and written through this small accordion book made completely from found scraps, threads, cartoons and some odds and ends. I hope to write privately about the process but in the hope of the Spring arrival I am anxious to see the rebirth of my clematis and day lilies rise up to greet the year. There are artist all over the globe now sharing their works and come May 1, 2009 the big unveiling will be shared on the internet. I have enjoyed reading about others working with this fragile process and what has motivated each person's work. We may never be meet in person but sharing as much or as little as you would like with another artist opens up interesting conversations and emails. Every morning I have my cup of coffee and contemplate my carbon footprint so who knows where this will lead my curious spirit.
I was surprisingly worn out after all my running around yesterday and with two exciting happenings in downtown Newark last night I discovered myself enjoying "standing still". The laundry is done and the table is cleared and now I can relax with some quilting and zoning out with TV. Ken is collecting tax info and I have several papers I need to locate...yikes; but this time of year is never much fun for adults. The month has quickly crept away and tomorrow begins like a cold lion but we are just weeks away from the warm spring breezes and daffodils on my hillside. Imagine and live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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