Tuesday, April 30, 2013

 This is one of my Whisper panels that were exposed to the elements last year for about 8 months....I am going back and hand drawing with a fabric gel pen so I can use this fabric in a sleeveless jacket/vest to wear to Arizona in May!
 I am going to add SETA colors to the surface and create some more drama for this pieced vest piece....I am trying to get two front panels from this yardage...and use accent hand dyed fabrics for the lapel and the back pieces............this fabric was inspired by a control burn last Spring in the south fields at Dawes Arboretum.
 Gail stopped by to share her progress for the apricot embellishments for her Roman Shades in her bedroom.
 I share whatever buttons or embellishments Gail needs...she is a tried and true friend and what is mine is hers..........
 This beautiful grandma who lives in Rhode Island stopped by once again and left with the biggest smile on her face....her grandson creates large photographic images for wall displays.
 I need to go and find another gel pen....before I add a sheer shade of smokey blue smoke on the panels.
 I was given this beautiful poster at Dawes Arbor Day on Saturday....i fell in love with the bright beautiful  colors.
 This tiny 6 by 6 collage is on its side....but I am adding small details ...who knows where it will take me. 
 I stopped by to check in on Sabrina's new splint....she was on her way out the door to deliver special student counsel handouts for Saturday's Pancake Breakfast.  She has been so brave.
 Maya Rose was cleaning the house and offered me a cool glass of iced tea...it was a warm 80 degrees this afternoon.  Thank you dear Maya ...you have a way of lightening the burdens of the heart.
 My bleeding hearts are blooming and ever so graceful in my small garden.
I think I will have to learn how to make a glass bleeding heart ...the clear reflective light shining in soft green branches.  I hope you have had a wonderful day.  I wish you all peace.  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

PS.  The new count for Arbor Day was 4,500 visitors...it was a glorious day!


  1. lovely post... you stay so busy... and your bleeding hearts are divine!

  2. The fabrics are beautiful.
    Would love to see her roman shades finished, very interesting.
    Your bleeding hearts are lovely. I don't think I could grow them down here.
    I hope your trip to AZ is fun! Take lots of photos to share. I love AZ....and New Mex.too. Where in AZ are you going? I love the Sedona area and up by Flagstaff too. Many beautiful areas.

  3. it if fun to see the fabric you are designing, that will be a special vest indeed. sometimes under time pressure we actually complete things. wishing you grace as you bring your vest to life.

    when i read your words bleeding heart, i thought i read blessing hearts.... i like that term better now for these beautiful flowers. i saw them in the Oregon forest a couple of weeks ago, they were lavender.

  4. I am heading to Phoenix in May...and the name Blessing hearts seems so appropriate. The Spring renewal is a blessing for us all who have endured harsh winter cold. Peace be with you all! Love, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. Very nice post, and your bleeding heart flowers are stunning! Such lovely fabric!