Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A day to remember people with Autism are so much more than Autism......

I have had a rough day today....I let someone treat me like a cog in a wheel... rather than recognizing I am an artist.  Being an artist is a honor that comes with a responsibility...to recognize that all marks are sacred no matter what age the person who is making them.  Maybe... I found myself frustrated because I could not really find the words to express the feelings of sadness.  I may have given myself ...my ego too much importance but all I know is that my feelings were hurt. 

I went on and made my preparations and will do better tomorrow. 

messy monkey aprons for tiny artists............
 Cindy Lopez came to see me on her last day of Spring break...with her boyfriend Colton.

They are both doing well in college ...and working to put themselves through...I love their courage! And determination!
 another Messy Monkey in progress...
Jenny Reynold's daughter Sally brought her bridge group in for a card party.  They had a good time but I am not sure who won!
 Domino was happy to see me when I checked in on Tina....he is a good dog!
 Sabrina has some new bright tennis shoes!!
 Maya enjoys her Easter bunny in white chocolate...yummy!!!
 Hannah is doing homework...Tina is looking so tired but she is seeing the doctor tomorrow.

 Janice checking in on my Messy Monkey class preparations..... I will know more after the first meeting on Thursday.....
 Did someone say "Messy"???
 Vicki Noble stopped by to pick up a card for her dear Mother...please send her family prayers for recovery and good health.

Simple ...parts to make a whole........
I am thinking of others who have entered my heart and they have been diagnosed with Autism.  I realized I found that each person ...has given me quiet lessons in accepting others for who they are and not the label we happen to give them.  It is a double edged sworn being identified ...a person qualifies for assistance in educational situations and yet the label also comes with characteristics that do not fit.  I try to listen ...with my heart...to each person's uniqueness.

I am thankful for you my readers.... listening with your heart.  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart 


  1. Thank you for being the bright spot in my day. The card you made for Mom is wonderful. I don't know how you hit the perfect design and colors. She will love it! Vickie

  2. Oh you are such a goodie........love that you too blogged about the special puzzle pieces that each person on the Autism spectrum presents to the world. They are a blessing when viewed through educated and compassionate hearts. xoxo Oma Linda
    And I am sorry that your feelings got hurt today....it hurts me for you.

  3. Love all the monkeys.
    Sorry your feelings were hurt. Just rub the Mona Lisa pendant and smile when something like that happens. Glad you like her.

  4. Just reading my first words this morning...made my eyes tear up again. BUT I am learning change is essential...and I may be moving to a more favorable place in my life . I am still reaching out with my art journey...but I need to sit quietly...think... talk with Ken....and then move on. I am not going to apologize for being sensitive... my lenses have been widen by so many wonderful experiences. I wish you peace as you make your daily journey in your heart works! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. It happens to all of us, Mary Helen. Just move away from it, and you will forget how it hurt. :)

  6. I think what always bothers me the most is being blindsided by a comment. And, then I'm not sure whether my feelings are hurt because the person said it, thought it or believed it. Then when I have a quiet moment I realize that I would never have come up with the right response on short notice, that what a person said, really does say MORE ABOUT THEM then me and maybe, just maybe I needed to hear that comment or words because I hadn't moved, changed, grown, trusted, the list goes on.
    If and this only really applies to people that believe this thought, if the universe puts people in our path because there is something we NEED to hear and there is something we NEED to tell them......
    well, perhaps even the most uncomfortable conversation may have a "seed thought" in it.

    Or......there are just mean people out there, you know?

    HEY, buddie, I loves ya and I wish we could play in the studio all day! WE WOULD ROCK it. :)Bea