Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thursday ..research on the internet...and time to make the Mother's Day cards..........

Where did the day go??  It was a beautiful morning so I dawdled around the house with a second cup of coffee.  I did get a load of whites into the washer...I know I am rationalizing but being home this morning was a quiet refuge with only the songbirds singing the morning  in.  I have the pattern ready to cut for my summer cotton vest... there are only 4 major parts/pieces but I really need to check the instructions for this endeavor.  I need to make an inventory of the dyes and materials this weekend so I can begin dying a couple scarves.  I want to explore and design my elements to be able to wear my wares on my trip. 

Yesterday I was surprised and delighted to see a great artist and a friend to all children ...Jim Arder is originally from Newark and an artist that tells stories through his mixed media and sculptures.  He was here to meet with Janice and Larry to make plans for this summer's upcoming Art weeks.  He looks so relaxed as he should be...he retired in January and is working full time as a professional artist and consultant.  There is something about reuniting with a loving spirit and Jim has a way of generating such a positive aura around everyone he meets.  The children who will work with him will have life changing and self esteem confidence building experiences that are invaluable. 

I decided to make the Mother's Day cars since the honoring Sunday in on May 12, 2013.  I miss my own mother but I feel I honor her each day I work in my studio Whispers and Echoes Studio...which is named after her.  I never really know how many to make...people are so easily persuaded to pick up a card at their weekly grocery shopping.  I listened to the CD from "Eat, Pray, Love"  as I worked in solitude ...the various types of music and cultures seem to float around the sunny room. 

Jim Arder seems to get younger when he visits ...the children are going to have a wonderful time working and creating with Jim!  Welcome back to The Works!
Janice and Larry share enthusiasm  about the beginnings of an outline for the week's adventures....oh to be a little artist again!
 I continue adding renewed colors to the front panel ...honestly this fabric did survive their 7 months in the great outdoors of Dawes Arboretum last summer....this is inspired from the controlled burn in the south fields and it will be a privilege to wear this spirit cloth..........flaming!
 I love working with Setacolor....from Pebeo products.  I am getting anxious to work with my Procion MX dyes again this summer.
 I revisited my notebooks and Ann Johnston's guide to Color by Design.  I studied with her years ago ...and she has never left my urge to explore even more surface designs.
 Yesterday I stopped by my Goodwill and found some beautiful papers for collage or just never know what you will find as you check someone's discards and donations.
 I found my Mother's Day stamps at the very first space is a total mess right now but I am actually packing like items in clear plastic storage boxes and marking them labeling tapes....... I am a slow learner but this really makes sense to stack, label and organize the design elements.
 the first card..........
 a brighter color note.......... I seem to be in a simple daisy flower motif here.......
 a third try with a much brighter hue in colors...........
 soft petals...I think I need to return to this card tomorrow....
 a fun small garden full of flowers ...maybe I need to relocate my butterflies
this is a collection I made today.... remember to send your mother a thought provoking thank you for all she did you you to make you ...You!  I miss my Mother but I do feel her  with me every day.  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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  1. I always look forward to reading what all you are up to. Love it!