Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day 2013

Today is a quiet day with incredible blue sunshine....we spent yesterday preparing a special welcome home dinner for a young and happy Doyle Family.  Then we went in for a quick visit ......William Matthew is simply a very beautiful baby boy!  Larry and Sarah look so at peace and their home radiates love.  Even Bailey and Zoe are very happy to have a new playmate to arrive finally at home.

Ken and I went to the movies and saw the movie "42" and We highly recommend this to adults.  The language is raw and because I am married to a wonderful black man ..and never experienced the hateful South racism this courageous couple lived with.  Rachel his wife is still alive and she is just as active as in changing our world for the better.  it was just nice to have a quiet moment in time in a dark movie theater...escaping the pains in the world. 

We received some crazy news...our grand daughter Sabrina Leigh ..who is always going a full speed.put her hand through a window pane in her living room door.  After about 4 hours of surgery on her left hand...they have reconnected tendons and made repairs for the nerve damage.  Please send her healing thoughts.... she had just started playing  softball...well there is always next Spring.  I love you my little All Star!  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart
 Welcome to  the world baby William Matthew...aka Matt......
I am trying not to cry ...I am so happy for this young family!!!!!!

 Grandpa Ken is a real pro!!!!!
 Sweet baby in strong arms of a real grandpa......
 Zoe seems to be smiling..........her new baby is home...
Ken and Larry were talking so Matt chimed in too!
 Brian showed me his radio he made....we were listening to the Cleveland Indians.......
 Yes these are my talented little hands......oh the things I can make......
 Matt's jungle theme is so cute............
 He even has his own giraffe.........
 When Dad Larry was small he drew this giraffe that his mother put into a stitched heart memory...........precious
 of course my collage feels right at home!
 Brian is working on another invention...he is Sarah 's nephew...........
 "What is this thing you call sleep?"
Spring has arrived!!!
 The very happy Doyle Family!!!!!!!!!
Welcome home little baby boy!

Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. So sorry to hear about your granddaughter's hand, ouch and then some. I hope it heals perfectly. xox

  2. What a sweet baby, and your collage looks adorable. :) I hope your granddaughter's hand gets better soon. Ken looks right at home holding that little guy. :) xo

  3. Your work looks perfect for the room!
    What a sweet little baby. :)
    Sending positive and healing thoughts out to your granddaughter!

  4. A new baby, wonderful. A cut hand and surgery, not so good. Hope all are feeling better. :)Bea

  5. I just got home ...I saw that Sabrina was having trouble with her I fed her ice chips and applied cool wash cloths on her head and arms. Her Mom went to pick up her prescriptions and Sabrina found some peace in sleep for a short while. My heart goes out to any child who suffers a wound in their hands or feet...the throbbing will be worse tomorrow. Thank you all for your kind prayers. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  6. Hi Mary, I saw your comment on my site yesterday. Are you coming to Phoenix/Scottsdale after all? I saw your note earlier this month saying that you had decided not to come so I'm glad to hear you are going to be here. Yes, I would love to have lunch or arrange some other meeting. I looked at the agenda for the conference you are attending and I see that most of it is at the Hyatt in Scottsdale but that one day will be at the Desert Botanical Garden. Let me know what will work in your schedule and I'll see if I can fit it into my schedule. I work Monday thru Thursday but, I have a flexible schedule so I should be able to move things around if need be.