Monday, April 15, 2013

I love Sundance Channel............

The final two hours of "Top of the lake" is on right now...a very intriguing cast with a story that takes many twists and turns.  It is filmed in New Zealand...near Milford Sound and the landscape is so beautiful.  This story of Good vs. Evil...with mysterious Maori mythologies and icy cold lakes that kill.  A 12 year old Tui is who knows who...but this is a brutal story of teens trying to survive in a brutal world.

I have been feeling a very heavy heart since I heard the news about the Boston Marathon...a senseless act of cruelty with no known reason as of tonight.  Boston is a wonderful city that I visited years back... and I knew immediately the actual location of the bomb sites.  I am so tired of asking "WHY???" with no real answers or even ways to avoid the death, pain and catastrophic consequences that ripple out into families all over our country that is weeping with pain.  When we will ever learn?

I kept myself busy...delivered Lisa Kelleher's beautiful photographs to John and Myles from the Collaborative Communication Exhibit..  John has had his hip replaced... and on crutches once again.   His beautiful sister is down from Michigan to help John with getting Myles to school and after school activities.  John is planning on returning to his architecture in May...I wish I were closer and able to assist with this transition.  Myles is growing into a wonderful young man ...I left him some new watercolors to paint with John after his homework is completed in the evenings.   I keep this young family in my prayers...but I cannot give them the answers they need ..only with time and loving support.

I have almost finished five more monkey aprons... only three more to go.  I am crying right now so I think I will add today's photographs.  This is an intense series.  Candice received good news about her grandmother's surgery.

 Her computer died on Saturday...which is critical for her graduation ..only two weeks until she completes her course works.  She has a vision...a strong focus...and a dedication to grow a new career.  It has been an honor to work with her and get to now her.
 Sam is feeling a bit better today and her smile is worth all the sunshine in the sky.
 What you have not seen a pink monkey before????????
 and a purple monkey in the jungle.........
 the skies began overcast ...kind of like my heart's sadness with the terrible news coming out of Boston today...
The blue little monkeys make me smile... when I think how my little ones will smile when I give them to them....they make my heart smile!!!!!!!
 Driving home from John's house ...the sky broke open and the sun shone through....I felt good going home to Ken.
 As I drove into my valley...the sky blessed me with a presence ...reassuring presence...peace will return.
The fields are open...the twigs have buds of green revealing their journey to return to my cabin woods.  I wish you all peace tonight...find a way to share your personal affirmations for a return to serenity.  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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