Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Sunday was a day of rest....with a delicious chicken salad for dinner...a nap...and some light cleaning.......

 Friday...... the curious little one came over to see what my friend Sarah is working on............this little one is 22 months old with Grandma because her mother has given birth to her third daughter.  Just looking into her many changes but all will be fine!
 I was busy working on my special gifts for my Messy Monkeys...silver baby monkeys are coming into view....... I have the funniest responses to them when people come into the studio to watch.....
 Sarah is putting the final touches on her painting..she begins back to school in June at COTC.
 Now.can I paint too???????
 The newest monkeys are peaking out of the beginnings of a fun jungle.
 One of my police friends who trains with BEAR brought his lovely daughter in to say hello............. God bless and keep our Police men and working dogs safe......
 One apron.........two aprons..three aprons.....still a few more to go......
 Baby Doyle is here...William Matthew is coming home this weekend ..hopefully!
Everyone seems to love the Monkey Art aprons!!!!!
 Branson is working on a printing process ...we are letting it dry until next week..
I am very proud of this young man! (Sorry his eyes were closed)  He has plans for his first art show.   Ken and I picked up my quilts from the Collaborative Communication exhibit at the Works.  We gently packed up Lisa Kelleher's remaining photographs so I could make arrangements to make a home delivery.  I felt a sadness with the closing of this exhibit...I felt Lisa being with me ....gone too soon.

I worked on cleaning a bit...made a bunny tooth fairy for my Justin.......and went to Lakewood High School 's wonderful production of Cole Porter's "Anything Goes".  Dalton is a sophomore and I wish everyone could see how much he has grown.  He sang... he tapped.he made me smile and I felt very honored to have been invited to be with him.  Just being a witness to his accomplishments ...proves once again ART saves Lives!  I hope you have had a great weekend!  Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Loving your monkeys! With all of this going on, you needed a day of rest. :)

  2. wonderful monkeys and lucky Justin and his bunny tooth fairy! xox

  3. I finished five more aprons today...and only three more to go. I still have a bunny tooth fairy to deliver! Have a great week! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart