Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Today was my day of reflection.........

Tuesday was a day for me to reflect...I actually think I responded to the violence in Boston by being sick most of the day.  I decided to work from my home....I washed some more "Whispers in the trees" and made the proper cuts and selections for a new jacket I am planning to make and wear in the near future.  Working with my own fabrics...seemed to be a proper way to reflect on the many gifts I have received ...despite the usual setback or two.  I am always lost in the fibers...when I am just performing the menial tasks of washing and refreshing the designs.  All the day I was thinking about additional paint colors and free brushstrokes to apply.  The dogs and sunshine kept me company and when Ken brought home my favorite Chinese soup I felt even better.  I actually felt like I had accomplished a lot...and folding my fabrics in a beautiful stack...the colors looked so nice.  All I could do was smile and say..."I did that"  and they will have a new life. 

I had a difficult time watching the coverage of this senseless and brutal crime at the 116 Boston Marathon yesterday.  When you see the faces...they are made real in my heart.  I love Boston and have had a many a heart memory that I carry with me ....I knew the location ...the corner of the street...and where the hospitals are located.  I wonder where we are safe anymore???  I look into the eyes of small children and my grandchildren...keep them close and love them closer.   Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. You are such an empathatic, caring, and sensitive person, that is why things like that affect you so much. It can make you sick and depressed. I cried watching the TV news, but finally I had to quit watching it. At times I have to go on a news fast for several days, as I get too depressed. My heart goes out to all affected by this. I just wish peace for everyone.

    1. Pulling in and regrouping myself. I understand.

    2. Thank you for understanding...I did not watch the news coverage today except in the early morning. I am trying to make some sense of this senseless act of cowardice. I look forward to looking into the eyes of my little messy monkeys tomorrow morning. I continue to pray for peace. Thank you for listening with your heart. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. "I actually felt like I had accomplished a lot...and folding my fabrics in a beautiful stack...the colors looked so nice. All I could do was smile and say..."I did that" and they will have a new life."

    Sometimes the little things make all the difference. I've been relying on them lately as well, just trying to process what's happened in my city. But I'm heartened by all the love and support I've seen these past couple days. Thanks so much for your post!

  3. I know.
    I hate to be negative but sometimes I really wonder how much more tragedy this world can take.
    So much hate, it breaks my heart and makes me want to hide and hold my loved ones close.
    Be well soon. xoxo - Cindi

  4. We must work hard to give out radiance and shine for our beautiful and very loved children. They need us desperately ...to see beyond the senseless pain and cycle of violence. May God bless and keep us strong...I wish you PEACE, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart