Thursday, April 25, 2013

Farewell to my sweet Messy Monkeys....

"Five Little Monkeys Play Hide and Seek" was our story today on the reading rug....they seemed to enjoy misbehaving  monkeys with the babysitter Lulu while Momma was out dancing!!! I love looking into their eyes as they tried to guess where the five little monkeys were all hiding.  Then we went into the painting session with a bright bright bright YELLOW.  The 4 by 4 canvases had the backs all covered and were ready for painting with the foam brushes....then on to the next project so our paint could dry....Funny Monkey Faces from circles and ovals.  The foam faces were the form and shapes and the colors were pure FUN!  I was amazed at how many different shapes and forms they created with the loving help of their mothers and grandmothers.  No one had the same face...hey that sounds like all the individual faces that were working in the glass studio.  Then we returned to our canvas and chose a stencil and bright blue paint to create a jungle animal they have learned about from their Messy Monkey experiences.  I took the time to stamp "Monkey Art" with the Staz On stamp pad ...this ink truly last forever!  I was trying tp protect their small fingers from permanent stains!  I hope you enjoy the photos!

Tomorrow I need to gather my materials and papers for an all day ART Dawes Arboretum for Arbor Day 2013!  It is a very long day for me but the weather looks favorable and the children should enjoy making butterflies and watercolors!!!  The whole day celebrates Nature and tress with a variety of tree climbing activities and crafts and Mr. Insect is performing.  Of Course The Lorax should be there and visiting the families and delighting the children in Licking County!
 Each child received a Messy monkey apron..hopefully a heart memory and an inspiration to create every day!  I enjoyed meeting and working with these tiny souls ...I have been honored!
 more little Monkeys ...time to Paint MOM!!!!!
 Pockets for never know what bit or piece might catch the eye and heart of a 2 ...3....or 4 year old!!!
 I did share the National Geographic video...all about Chimpanzee families living in the rain forest....there was no way we could watch this movie but it is so much fun and available in most libraries!!!
 OOOOH !!!!!!!!!! we are going to paint with a bright yellow on a real canvas!!!  Ready set and GO!!!!
 Jack works with his mother to paint precisely...his real canvas...readying for his stencil...........I wish you could all hear him speak...he has a use of language skills are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!
 Tiny little Gwen...a petite little spirit gets some help from her mother ...and yes there is another little baby in her cocoon sleeping over her heart!
 More yellow please.............little Isaac is barely visible but he is another little 2 year old who seems to have enjoyed the whole messy process.
 And then there is my delightful Evan.......he has so much spirit!!!  He keeps his mother on her toes!!!!
 "Now Mom I think we need a bit more yellow!"   He loves a foam brush loaded with color!
 Lyndon sits by Mom and Morgan who is 4 .... carries on  brushing ever so delicately her canvas!
 Donna and Isaac work well together painting and turning.  Donna drives up every week from Cincinnati to "play" with this delightful little man with such a witty sense of humor!!!
 Morgan Elizabeth is ready to come back again ...again ...and again!!!!!!!!
 Look at Gwen and Jack working with determination......such sweet friends!
 And of course ....Lunch is a great reward for us all!!!!
 How dapper is Evan today????
Now ....yes I am the Messiest Monkey........look at my table...YIKES!  I have art stuff from every box in my room.  Now to gather everything up for Dawes!!!!!!  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

YES I did add two posts today.....I needed to honor my Wednesday and Thursday circle of gentle spirits!!!!!!!


  1. I hope I was able to give them just a bit...of the happiness each small child in this four week experience gave me. Sometimes we forget the joys and voices of small tiny spirits. Peace, ART Lady!!!!

  2. Love the aprons and really love all the faces. What a wonderful and fun time for all.
    I still don't know how you do all you do! LOL

  3. Oh gosh those aprons are so adorable! Cutie monkeys. xox

  4. Those are really sweet aprons, Mary. So nice to see the children happy.

  5. Adorable! My granddaughter would love to visit!