Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tea for Tuesdays...iced tea...

Today I made arrangements to complete my trip to Phoenix in May.  The plans have changed but all in all it will open more doors...fill my well of desert flowers....meet new people...sketch...photograph...gather information and possible networks.  I am so excited about meeting a photographer who is sending me photos for inspirations and various landmarks in Phoenix and Scottsdale.  God never closes a door...without opening a window for risks and opportunities.

I spent the evening with my grand daughter Sabrina trying to make her feel more comfortable ....until CVS finally filled her prescriptions for pain and a high temperature.  Ice chips to ease her burning head and calm her throat...drinking water was a disaster and made her more nauseous.  Ken and I took Maya Rose and Hannah Marie to Bob Evans for dinner ...their mom and dad were still at the Children's hospital waiting for the orthopedic  surgeon's release.  It ended up being a long night for the whole family but today Sabrina is on the mend and ready to be her old self.  She was even able to eat an egg and a couple crackers ... and successfully kept it down.  My heart goes out to any of my grand children when they are ill or have gotten hurt in one way or another. 

Today I had several visitors and I finished up my Messy Monkey aprons and went over to assist a friend with his move to a smaller condo....he has a lifetime of supplies and posters...books...paint supplies and notebooks.  he really wanted me to have some Finish fabrics from 1960's.  They have been in storage and need desperately to be washed to see see how viable they are.  I felt bad because he was hurt when I said they needed to be washed...they have been folded and rolled for well over 25 years since he used them for panels in his home in the historic Hudson area in downtown Newark.  I did get a slide rule...his antique... and a t-square , but he was holding onto the air brush.  I really did not need anything ...and only wanted to help him out as the condo has to be ready for detailing and cleaning in a day or two.  Best wishes Don and Betty...you have a big job ahead of you both!

Justin was a very tiny baby...my sparrow...when he was born and barely 2 pounds.   He is thriving and brings JOY to us all  today.  He lost his first tooth so I made him a rabbit tooth fairy with a sparrow pocket to put his glorious new baby teeth as they came in.
 Now it is not a great piece of Art....but I wanted to do something to celebrate his growth and new teeth! 

The back has a fabric yoyo plus a button for his tail....simple and mannish for this young gentleman...
 My intern Candice is making the final selections for her portfolio which will be on display on Wednesday night at COTC.  I am really going to miss her.
 Justin loves discovering "things" in my studio and today was no exception...he found sparkle glitter to make his "J" !!!!  More please!

 These two women have changed the world here in Licking county...Charla Devine from Devine Pumpkin Farms...and my "young at heart" Jane Alexander who has shared her beautiful grand daughter Samantha with me over the years.  This August there will be a very big celebration for the whole family as Sam gets married and Jane celebrates her birthday!!!!!!  I love these feisty and strong women!!!
 Each Monkey apron is unique ....just like my beautiful Messy Monkeys !!!!
 "It's All About Me" Messy Monkey apron....make more monkey art!
 I am using this paper to back the 4 by 4 canvases for my little ones to paint...........

 Hannah Marie and Maya Rose were very hungry and so happy to see Grandpa and have dinner together.  Time for table talk!
 These blooms in Kroger's just made me smile and they smell so good as you walk by.  Orchids of some kind!
I am not sure why this brick wall caught my attention but all I could think about was John Sloan's works and view into and out of windows of common families homes.
My Jodie Foster... stopped by to catch up on the latest news.  

 More supplies for Messy Monkey works for our last Thursday together...I am still struggling to relocate the receipts to turn over to the Works.

More beautiful fragrant orchids ...they seem to smile back you when you take a moment to study them and smell their sweet fragrances.

My brave little Sabrina ...she is trying to smile through the pain.....tomorrow will be much better my little one.  Thank you all for your prayers and support!  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. No fun having a sick grandchild and feeling helpless to make her better.....Messy monkey aprons are so marvelous and that paper, so cute. xox

  2. Sending healthy thoughts out to you and yours!!!!
    I would love to see photos of the 60's fabric.
    What color were they?

  3. Aww, healing thoughts to sweet Sabrina. Feel better Sabrina!

  4. I will take a couple photographs...so you can see how the silk screen images were made in the 1960's. Sabrina is getting better with each day...rehab will take time. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart