Saturday, January 15, 2011

What are you grateful for?

I was up late last night so this morning when I was suppose to get up I dug deeper into my covers and slept until almost eleven. A hot cup of coffee with lots of milk and a warming cup of oatmeal with apples and walnuts I found the energy to go out into the frigid temperatures and head down to my studio. I am discovering that I enjoy the quietness of Saturdays...when I can play my music loud if no one is working...and I have the whole place to myself. Well today the wedding planner for the caterer was meeting with two young promising couples so for a short time I had to behave :O}.
The second couple had an adorable son and making wedding plans was not high on his agenda so I offered him an art kit...Sandy those kits were a genius! He sat quietly and drew his new home ... and explained how he liked living out here in the country, they just moved here from the big city of Columbus. Before I knew it everyone was gone and i played my new Amy Speace CD's...all four of them for four hours straight. I straightened the work table and collected the materials for my Claire and Charlotte to use on Monday morning. I feel the teacher coming out when I have these small class sessions. I want to have everything and more there and ready to explore. We are making Pet Portraits and they have about three different avenues to explore. Just having a quiet place to myself to sort and rearrange my art stuff to my heart's content. Simply yummy!

I went out in the more bitter cold in the dark to find a perfect birthday gift for my darling Morgan Elizabeth who is two today but we will celebrate tomorrow .. I think this might be the third of fourth celebration but at the age of two one cannot celebrate too much. I had a steaming hot chocolate and macaroni and cheese dinner. My life is simple but the pleasures are great. Stay warm and toasty and I will see you in the morning. Imagine and Live in peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. I am grateful for my Saturday's too. When everyone is out running around doing errands, I stay home and play in my studio, dance like a wild woman and call my dear friends. I hope you did some dancing yesterday too! xox Corrine

  2. I love it too when I can go into my studio and play my music "loud," and even dance a bit, with just my little dogs looking on! LOL I'm happiest when I'm at home, creating or just sitting on the couch next to my love and enjoying each other's company regardless of conversation or silence. I simplified my life many years ago and recently, was challenged about it...I was told I was brought up better than what my present life reflects. Oh well, not my problem, never was.

    Have a wonderful week.


  3. Aounds wonderful! My weekends are spent with my husband because those are his days off, and we sometimes do things together, but other times we do things separately and then come together to talk about it. So weekends are nice. We sometimes have friends over or sometimes just relax and take a drive. I am grateful for every moment.

  4. I also love playing loud music in my studio. : )) Saturdays are great. Sounds like you enjoyed yours!!

  5. simple pleasures are great. what a beautiful child and looks like a great saturday!