Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday at the Mifland with The Band Perry....

I am still stunned by yesterday's new from Tucson and sick to my stomach literally. I had committed to volunteering tonight to a sold out show for The Band Perry. I ended up working the will call table and with every seat sold out crowd. "Daddy ricked us with the Rolling Stones. Mam woke us up with Loretta Lynn. So we got it honest."- Kimberly Perry She joined up with her brothers Reid and Neil and together they rocked the house...they say they bleed bright red blood of American music. The age groups ranged from very young to their grandparents who paid for tickets and brought out their sweet children to rock and roll with a country twang. You may have heard their song "If I die young...." on the radio recently.For such a tiny little singer Kimberly can really belt out her music with her brothers. The second performer was a local boy...our own county cowboy...Bryan Lewis. He is famous for writing and performing the song about the "Motorized Bar-stool" and the man who created this contraption actually was arrested down the street from my own house. Bryan laughed when I told him I lived on the same street as this infamous man that his story was carried nationally by CNN, NBC, ABC and CBS. Now that is something to be proud of...right??? The young fans lined up all around the first floor of the Midland to meet and greet their favorite band for personalized autographs. Tomorrow I will try to put some of my shaky photographs of this energetic group of young musicians.

I am hoping my stomach will be totally better tomorrow as I am going to hang a small exhibit of my works in the Licking County Players Theater for Marilyn Stocker. I have a simple statement but I need to make my labels for this one month show. I am finishing another small one that will give the viewers some insight to what type of classes I can offer my clients. I did have a visitor who came in and asked where my long arm quilting machine was??? I tried to explain how I still enjoy my slow quilt stitches. I also have my new Inchie finished on time for Brain Bubbles collaboration. I need to get to bed now and say my continued prayers for everyone in our country who have been shaken by the senseless shootings and murders in Tucson. Bring Peace to those you love and pray that others find help when they feel reality slipping away. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

simple gifts delight my soul...Thank You Carol Whitt...I will do them proud for you!


  1. It is a true tragedy that is now becoming more and more a part of our lives, with technology and information flowing the way it does, I think it spurs those on who might not have the courage otherwise. Finding balance, always finding balance is the key. Stay safe in the weather. xox Corrine

  2. Yes, that is so sad! I am glad that you were able to relax a bit while working the concert, though. And those buttons! Now THAT will make any day brighter! There is nothing better than vintage buttons in bulk! I just love them.

  3. peace is a lovely thing to focus on.
    sorry to hear you are not feeling well. wishing you health and vitality.

    thank you also for sharing your wolf story with me/us. nice to have a strong and wise guide like that.

  4. The news affects me alot too and I really wonder sometimes where things are going. Senseless violence shocks us all to the core. We need to keep faith though and concentrate on the good things that are happening. Thank you for your visit and lovely comments Mary Helen.
    Take care,