Sunday, January 2, 2011

Renewal in cleaning up the mess of living with Christmas....

It was a quiet day after yesterday's rowdy New Year's with a room of very active little people and sweet ham dinner. Ken is preparing to go back to his classroom tomorrow morning and I am digging through the paper work and collected miscellaneous "stuff" that has collected on our kitchen counter, bedside tables, dining room table and living room couch for the month of December. Little by little papers and decorations are being wrapped and packed away for next year. I watched "Stealing Beauty" on the independent channel ...Liv Tyler was a young 19 year old virgin on vacation in Tuscany. Yes I have seen this movie a couple of times before but I am always drawn back in by the beauty of this artist colony creating and living in the most beautiful landscape of Tuscany. This seemed to make the time fly by as I washed my glass paperweight collections...they were incredibly dusty after months of my neglect. They are sparkling now and will reflect the limited sunshine in the next couple of weeks. I selected and eliminated and sorted so now I kind of know where my specific shoes and scarves and accessories actually are. I also sorted several vintage crochet fillet pieces and some embroidery to be used in a Valentine project ...I am still working this plan down so stay tuned for future developments. We shared a pizza and fresh fruit for a simple dinner...I am really tired of the rich delicious foods we have be snacking on so REAL simple foods appeal to both of us. In the midst of the reorganization we discovered that both the dishwasher and the washing machine are not working properly...they are both 25 years old so we really cannot complain. I can do dishes by hand for awhile but a new washer may be on our budget agenda in the next week or so.

A favorite blog of mine had an incredible poem earlier this week...The Wanderer wrote:
I wish to know
the / me
under layers of
forcing change
I wish to know
the / me
who is solidly content
afloat in a pool of
and [maybe] even

I am beginning a new journal for 2011...hopefully to make daily scribbles and thoughts and sacred marks visible to share with others. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

I am returning to my wolf moons...


  1. Lovely poem. Sounds like you have already set some wonderful goals for the new year.
    A journal will bring you much joy.

  2. Your labyrinth exercise is so soothing when you take the time to focus in with a problem and walk out with someone else stone in your hand..relieving their burden. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. I don't know if you meant your blog readers, but I would love to see your art journal if you felt like sharing.
    blessings to you this new year.

  4. hey friend! thanks for featuring my poem from my art blog. your blog is so de'light-full.

    i think you imagine me to be the political michelle d. bernard from washington! i am a different michelle bernard {middle name "renee"} from iowa living in nyc!!--yoga teacher and empowerment guide. {she and i look alike, actually} still, so glad we met.
    i also, follow manon doyle's blog.

    i'll be in touch ,friend!