Wednesday, January 19, 2011

maudlin...sentimental...sometimes a blue gray...the storm returns...

My new awning is coming soon...I offered the guys a cup of coffee because it was a cold morning...they seemed to be happy because it was not real windy today. Thank you guys!!!

I had a wonderful surprise this morning when I arrived downtown at the studio... my guardian angel who has survived his own brain traumas and anuerysms was meeting with another community leader and there was time to renew our mutual appreciation society and exchange deep warm hugs. he knew and knows first hand how very fragile a human life is... I am so blessed to have him in my life now as we charge forward to create meaningful lives for ourselves and the people in our small community. What is better than a big hug from another survivor.

Shortly afterward Tony and Kathy delivered a wonderful used Brother sewing machine for my I can have my best girl friends come in together to make their first fiber art projects. First we will make some straight stitch project stuff and then move onto a shoulder bag of some kind! They are also wanting to make portraits of each other so I have another lesson plan to explore and have available for my young artists... Claire and Charlotte we can get together soon or n your next school holiday. Kathy and Tony and I had lunch together and I can hardly wait for their exhibit in March.. at the Works Art Gallery. Kathy is an incredible painter and Tony is a master when working with the mystery of natural wood. This collaboration should prove to be very enticing for both the creators and the patrons. The sewing machine was a miracle...I had already purchased a Brother Beginning sewing from an Amazon order special. I did not think I would need another one so soon but say it out loud to the Universe.... and before you know it the request is an unexpected arrival at the doorstep. Thank you Kathy for supplying me with another "Toy" to explore. I got the hand book out and tomorrow I will thread and clean the machine and test it out...a nice trial before the students arrive.

I forgot my purse home this morning...if I do not put my needed supplies into the front seat...I have a tendency to forget one thing or another. I am still "moving in" into my space ...yes even after months I am still moving art stuff in... and it is interesting to watch when visitors come in and begin to ask me what I do in here...Make art! Write! Draw! Paint! and sometimes think and read....the day is mine.

I worked on my Inchie for next Monday...maudlin is my word for the week. This is a word that I struggled with for interpretation but little by little it is coming to fruition...I need some very tiny beads to embellish the surface to complete the composition. Your can see other Inchies on Kristen's Brain Bubbles is a quick exercise to create and share judgement....just Fun. Stay warm tonight and embrace your dreams with Gusto! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

sorry my spell check is not cooperating tonight .... and I know I have a couple of suspects in here.


  1. Ah, the stitches continue to link together end to end to bind us all up in a wonderful fabric...peace to you and may your bobbin never bind up! hugs,Cyd

  2. Isn't it wonderful when you get exactly what you need, and more? Abundance, my dear!
    I can remember nothing...even the lists I make to take with me end up at home on the table. Thus, the chain wallet. It is HOOKED to me. If I forget it, it tags along......
    I often wonder if young kids wonder why an older woman has a Misfits chain wallet...but I don't care! LOL!!!
    TAke care~~

    Love, A.