Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tea for Tuesdays...mine was iced and in a paper cup...

I never did get the tax situation worked out so I wrote my check and mailed my sales tax to the Department of Taxation for the State of Ohio. I will be on the ball next time...this all just caught me off guard and when computers works or one knows how to work on the computer systems...then the computer can be my friend. Yesterday was not that beneficial to my spiritual well being... I am sure I allowed my blood pressure to rise too high too quickly.

My maintenance man...my dear Justin figured out how my circuits were crossed and I was failing to receive proper power to allow my computer to renew, the small refrigerator to once again chill my water and juices and finally to power my beloved Ott light work lamp...light is so vital to making my small quilt stitches and adding my beaded embellishment. Oh the sweet simple things in life...my little small blessings that make the day flow more smoothly.

A new friend Luanne Kaseman called and delivered some extra fabrics and scraps donations that I will be able to use with my young seamstresses Charlotte and Claire. We had a wonderful visit and I explained how I might be using her wonderful textural fabrics for beginning projects for my young students. I have included some of the samples plus she gave me some fusible batting that sounds as if it will be easier to incorporate into some simple shopping bags for carrying our art stuff. Luanne enjoyed hearing about the possibilities and I invited her to return after she gets moved and settled into her new home. Then a wonderful husband and wife came in and I met a wonderful artists/conservator who lives in Heath and she invited me to visit her studio she and her husband built about six years ago. Shirley Tisdale has a studio in her home called Artists Web Studio and has invited me to a bi-monthly meeting of fiber artists who share their passions through knitting, felting, quilting, and sewing. I look forward to being able to find the time to visit soon as the weather continues to improve...I am an optimist!

My young artist friend Kylie came in to eat her ice cream from Velvet Ice Creams in Utica, Ohio. She has decided I need to move closer to her house so when the weather gets icy and dangerous she will still be able to see me. We worked on a special Valentine card to get in the sweet honey do mood and plan for her valentine party at her preschool. We carefully chose the right punches, papers and ribbons and then selected a sherbet ink pad to stamp her specifically selected stamps. Each decision was precisely made and placement of each design element so that the next time we meet we will have the time to paint...yes it is time to paint :O)!

Priscilla stopped by with some bookmarks to use with small little readers ... to mark their place and progress as they learn to read. We have had opposite schedules lately and I truly miss her as we were able to work together previously ...Priscilla is a very talented artist in whatever whatever she attempts.... she works until she has made her perfection as humanly possible in her artist marks in her digital photography, watercolors, or acrylics. I am always hoping she will find a way to make time and money to make her work. We laughed that we both needed to get home soon so we were not in too much trouble.

I am really tired tonight. I went to Great Clips and had a woman work a few shaping lengths into my hair. Just getting a trim can lift ones spirits but tomorrow will be the real test...can I style my hair like my Theresa did? The trim was way overdue so after I condition my hair hopefully I will have a fresher style and shape.

I mailed my taxes to the Stare of Ohio Department of Taxation...the old fashioned way since I could not get through to a real human being. Hopefully they will receive graciously and help me ease the next payment if six months. I placed a Winslow Homer stamp on the envelope for good luck! Have a warm and gentle night under a well loved quilt for warmth. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

P.S. How do you like my new/used/recycled awning with WHISPERS AND ECHOES STUDIO? Pretty snazzy don't you think!


  1. What a great awning- I so wish I lived closer to visit your lovely studio! Thank you for your lovely comment and I do tend to print my (Dancer)collage onto silk or organza for my fabric journal. I use a wonderful paper-backed fabric (from Jacquard)that you can put right into your printer and print from Photoshop on the computer. Its a great way to make digital collages live on in journal form.
    Take care,

  2. I am so glad you got the tax situation behind you. That kind of stress is so hard! I hate it! Your piles of fabric look quite lovely! I'm happy to hear you have your proper lighting and other power-related stuff back in action! I hope you have a blessed day!

  3. Taxes...pfft!!! Love the awning...what a wonderful life you lead...a true artist!!


  4. i love that you help children make art, MH, you are truly special...

    your awning and new space look wonderful!! congratulations!


  5. It is lovely to read about your day.