Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mystic Drums with Lauren from Toronto...and my grand babies!

My brother is still in the seems they cannot get or keep his blood pressure down and I feel for the poor nurses and caregivers. Michael thought he was and should be going home..unfortunately his caregivers are getting the wrong side of midnight when they are working with and for his own good. I know and understand how he is feeling and he should realize that he was and is in serious trouble until they doctors can discover and resolve this imbalance in his body. My brothers are a lot like my father in how they deal with a crisis...usually ill tempered and bad mannered. Please pray for my family and his wife and daughter Cameron...this has been the longest week of their lives. I am sending him white light of healing and regained serenity as soon as possible for every one's sake and sanity.

Today my family shared a wonderful musical adventure with a young, challenging and very talented musician from Toronto, Canada. Lauren introduced global music and rhythms to a room of over 75 children in various ages with their extended families for over an hour in duration. One young friend happened to be celebrating her sixth birthday with a special birthday experience on the Orient Express complete with egg rolls and fortune cookies with a few very special friends!!! Sally brought her guests into the Works meeting room and every child participated in learning a percussion instrument and a large collaboration with a very energetic Lauren...the mystical drummer. As you can see in the photos we all shared a wonderful time and created a heart memory to cherish forever. Happy Birthday Sally!!! You are so loved!

My beloved children had a special pizza lunch and snack finger foods like sliced apples, peanut butter on celery sticks with raisins...we call them bugs on a log. Apple juice and carrots sticks with dip plus crackers and cookies. I know I was tired when they headed back home and Erin said the three babes were all asleep on the drive home. Ken put together my coffee stand/polished chrome rack together for a proper place to hold the coffee pot and hot pot for our teas and shared coffees when artists gather to share their process and their journeys. I enjoy working on Saturdays when I am alone in the studio...I find my self in a calm cocoon of serenity...a place to be still and just gather my thoughts and select the next steps for my journey. My young student that I was blessed to work with in summer 2009 Casey came in to share her paintings she has developed since our last meeting. I am terribly proud of her and shared some of my plans to 1) create a straight stitch lesson where we will create a funky pot holder and an apron ....2) and then we will design our own fabric to create a artsy purse or messenger bag. I am still working on the sewing machine to make the tension a little smoother but to be honest I do love working with those who are eager to explore the fiber arts at such an early age.

I am now realizing I will have to stretch my canvas for my commission... a special 12 inch by 30 inch canvas to build up my layers for my Hindu/English illustration and graphics of the affirmation..."return or come back successful" I know I want a gallery wrapped canvas so the frame will become just an extension in the design. I am tired tonight but for a great reason...Art truly saves lives and today I shared my passion with those that I love. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Wonderful photos - it sounds like a very fun day :)


    p.s. My prayers are with your brother and your family.

  2. Sending prayers for continued healing. Love the pix of a fun day.