Friday, January 14, 2011

I am so jazzed....

I first want to thank you all for the wonderful compliments about the quilt behind me in yesterday's blog post...that is my newest quilted narrative in my creation series I have dedicated to my love for Australia. This creation quilt is hand dyed...hand quilted...beaded and embellished with a multitude of threads and fibers to continue my story about how Australia came into creation through the eyes of the indigenous Aboriginal woman's eyes. The poor citizens of Brisbane and even Toowomba are being totally flooded by the worst floods in their history. I am still trying to reach my friends by email but as of yet response. My prayers are that they are safe and evacuated to higher ground...I watch the news and I know a few of the landmarks in Brisbane and the water is running in the streets where I caught my buses to go to the museum. My heart is heavy but I am sending white light and positive energy ...they are a strong inventive culture of diverse peoples.

I just returned from volunteering at a concert at "Our" Midland theater and a young vivacious songwriter Amy Speace. It was set in a cabaret style where the stage is where you sit at small tables with candlelight and wine on the stage for her two hour performance. Intimate... breath taking...thought provoking and extremely emotional in the honesty of her lyrics. A story teller who weaves with the melodic voice of an might want to check her out on Google. I am blessed for having met her. Then after I helped clear the stage I went down and bartered one of my diachronic necklaces for four of her latest CD's...she did say she would barter so I took her up on it and she loved the necklace...three fused layers of glass on a gold over silver looked stunning on her too. :O)!!! I then bought a tee shirt to advertise the brilliance of this woman's voice and words and play in my studio for my students on Monday. Can you tell she really moved me tonight?

I had wonderful visitors today in the studio and even a few sales. Erin's homemade caramels and Valentines has turned out to be a great combination. Richard Beckholt is a favorite painter of mine... I always call him the Picasso of Newark and he brought me a wonderful CD he just made about the power of Love. His daughter Jessica is studying down at Ohio University and enjoying college life....I look forward to having a lunch visit with her and catch up on all her adventures. A friend from the library retired dropped by to check in and planted a seed that makes me want to travel;..oh oh I could be in trouble soon :O} Then The Carlsons came in for lunch and Doris and John looked so cute and elegant today in their festive woolens and hats . Doris is a blessing to my life. She encourages me to be strong and John guides my free spirit to remember the business part of having a studio. Then I captured three of the most beautiful children who are growing up so quickly right in front of my eyes...two brothers and their little sister were adopted by the sweetest family...and kept together as a family. The boys are now playing basketball and little sister...I think it was Grace Elizabeth is so sweet and kind. They had spent the free day at The Works exploring and learning hands on in the labs and then enjoyed a hot lunch at The Grill. I worked the rest of the afternoon and continued making my Valentines and began preparing for my Monday studio class...Pet Portraits with Claire and Charlotte. I need to maintain my energy so we can have a wonderful time together ...along with a personal CD concert with Amy Speace's newest music. I need to get to bed now but I am continuing my passion for living an artist's life in my moment. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

p.s. Marilyn and Pam enjoyed examining some of my new ...well new to me ...wonderful buttons. I am sorting by mother of pearl and black glass etched in golds and wonderful wonderful nature inspired markings. Everyone loves a good button!!!!

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