Thursday, January 6, 2011

Inchies and a rush to the grocery....

Little by little I am working out my schedule...I had planned to work late today but a snow storm moved in very quickly late in the afternoon and made driving an Olympic event in my community. I grabbed our fruits, milk, breads and various necessities and made a bee line to get home and up my driveway! Luckily I could make it home safely if I took my time and stayed away from the cars who appeared to be in a BIG hurry.... to slide! Ken was already home and had cleared the driveway enough for me to get up the hill and into the safety of my garage! I am truly blessed...I love my guardian angels. After we quickly unloaded and unpacked the numerous bags we decided to have Italian hot subs and hot chocolates to warm us both up.

Tomorrow I will hopefully discover the streets have been salted and I can get back to work. Tonight I caught up all of my emails. I came home last night and went right to sleep...the cold is playing havoc with my joints and I seem to wear out faster. I then worked on photographing ... or trying to get a good photograph my first fabric "Inchie" quilt. I had this idea to make little quilted pieces and then embellish the hand dyed fabrics with interesting beads and stitch works. I soon discovered these small quickie art projects took more time than I thought they would...I am sure with practice the process will go faster. At the end of 2011 I should have at least 52 small compositions to arrange in a geometric graph quilt...well that is the idea for me right now :O)! Brain Bubbles is a blog where several artists are sharing their tiny art works on Mondays so if you are interested you can see how this collaboration progresses. The second stimulation is in the creating and embellishing and writing in a 2011 journal. I have already discovered this additional documentary process has some energy conflicts for me to capture my words and thoughts. I do enjoy creating the empty pages and then adding my inner thoughts amusements ...and possibilities and questions. I found myself asking myself questions as I was driving to work this morning... really taking time to be present moment. Witnessing the V formation of about 12 Canadian geese flying to a destination unknown.... I began to wonder what it might be like to fly anywhere? Tasting a hot cup of fresh coffee ... as if for the very first time...awareness of heat, temperature and flavors on my tongue as I gently swallowed the warmth in my coffee cup. Focus...Discipline...Faith and a question of what is my Creed for this day on earth?

Temperatures are dipping near zero and I am quietly typing my post ...mostly hitting the correct keys and trying to remember punctuation rules a warm comforting room. I am grateful for the little ones who visited me as I worked this afternoon and had a cup of hot tea with another dear friend who is courageously walking through a challenging chapter in her life. I have Faith that she will be just fine...she is a survivor with a good heart and compassion to move into a new decade. Well the news about our streets is ...well frightening for tonight and I hope my loved ones are home and safe in their beds. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to check in on my day. It humbles me to realize how my connections seem to reflect my doubts and frustrations with loving support. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

p.s. I used a new program "zibbet"to order and pay for a Mardi Gras Necklace created by Baroness Bijoutery to celebrate her anticipation of the birth of a new first grandchild. I will share with you all when my necklace arrives.


  1. Glad you are safe and sound. Inche is marvelous. Kris always has fab challenges. Enjoy the snow from inside and not on the roads. xox Corrine

  2. Your inchies are so intricate! What wonderful detail you have added! I love them!

  3. These inchies quilts are so lovely ! this is a wonderful idea, I will try to make some ! The children smiles on photos are really great !

  4. Love your inchie! Sounds so cold up there. Just stay warm and be safe!

  5. Oh my, and here we're complaining about having "no winter!" Will be in the mid-60's today and will drop back down to the lower 50's! So glad you're home, safe and sound and stay, Mary Helen. No reason to go out when the streets are treacherous and some people are in just too big a rush to get to their destinations dangerously!

    God bless and keep warm.


  6. Your inchie looks great! Looking forward to seeing your necklace!