Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Birthday sweet have blessed us all...

We went over to the Spalding house to have a gourmet pizza made by a gourmet chef John ...a friend from Pittsburgh and his pastry, baker wife April with her own bakery "Vanilla" in Pittsburgh to celebrate Morgan Elizabeth's second birthday. Where does the time fly? It seems like yesterday we were visiting you at the hospital and now you are the big sister to baby brother Lyndon Allen. We ate and drank and laughed while the children shot us with Nerf guns...mostly on out bottoms...which totally tickled them to no end. We watched the Globe award show and checked out the gowns and shoes this was a strong color and honestly I did not have to pay close attention. Allie who is now 13 kept up up on who was wearing what...she is a big fan of the TV show Glee. Honestly I do not get to the movies anymore and usually wait for Netflix to arrive in the mailbox. I must be the only one who has not seen Toy Story 3, Inception, Alice in Wonderland, The Black Swan or The Tourist. I am behind in my pop culture symposium...forgive me.

I made Morgan's birthday card...somehow I doubt if it will mean much to a two year old but I do love putting her favorites together for her own card. She is into Disney Princesses and Hello Kitty. She has stolen our hearts and she has a mind of her own...she reminds me so much of Erin when she was small. Happy Birthday Miss Morgan Elizabeth!

I need to get to bed because I have two adorable little artists coming in the studio for their impressionistic "Pet Portraits". I am praying for the weather to remain calm...sleet and drizzle may be on our doorstep tomorrow night. Yes I do love to dance as if no one can see me to my loud music in the studio... invigorating spiritual and physical dance is good for my body and mind. Please forgive me if I have made any blatant errors in punctuation or spelling...I am still trying to type backwards and Lord I do not know how to spell anymore. You are a patient group of artists. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. She is a cutie! Happy Birthday to Morgan!

  2. Wow, what a great evening you must have had and your grands are just adorable...makes me miss mine soo much!

    My daughter, now 32, loved Hello Kitty as a child and well, things haven't changed, she's still a huge aficionado of that little kitty. For Christmas, I sent her all kinds of Hello Kitty things I found throughout the year, purchased in the $ area of Target and Big Lots. Heard she squealed with delight when she opened up her Christmas blanket, bought 2 yards of flannel material with musical notes on them, she's a music teacher, and wrapped up all her little goodies in the blanket. One just doesn't outgrow certain things sometimes!! LOL

    Don't worry about spelling or grammatical use...our hands move faster on the key board than our brains do, especially woman of our age group!! LOLOLOLOLOL!! Have a wonderful week and keep on dancing, my friend!!


  3. i'm sure she'll keep the birthday card forever. think of how she'll feel about it{and you} when she finds it in her keepsake box at age 22. wow, isn't it beautiful?

  4. I'm sure she'll treasure the card. It looks like a lovely evening.

  5. What a wonderful time expressed through these photos and your card is so beautiful and a true keepsake. What a special family you have!