Monday, January 31, 2011

My inchie is still in progess....and we welcome a new family member to our circle of love...(P.S. Finished my Inchie)

I will be working on my mirthful inchie when I finish this short has been an incredibly busy day both here at home and in the studio. I went into the studio for a clean and reorganize session in preperation for the sleet and ICE storm that is coming our way tonight. I wanted to prepare for the possibility of maybe having to work here tomorrow rather than go out into the treacherous situation on our ice covered roads. This is just the beginning of the storm's prediction ...then we are due to have a snowstorm move in and deliver more snowfall through Wednesday. February is arriving tomorrow and hopefully this realization in time also moves us closer to a break in the weather and the arrival of Spring. I am looking for the the length on the day...the trees and even the activity of my fine feathered friends. The starlings and bluebirds are active...and I have even caught a glimpse of one or two robins. The earth is stretching and I can hear the sounds and rumors of the change on the horizon.

Now for the first introduction...welcome to the family little Domino!!! Maya Rose and Sabrina Leigh and Hannah Marie have a new four legged brother and he is just Precious!!! They have found the perfect match and waited a very long time for their own puppy. Aunt Sherry found this cutie for them and he has a sister still awaiting adoption...and this little guy acts as if he has lived there the whole time. I hope you enjoy the photos. I need to go finish my >Mirthful" Inchie....joyful...gleeful...filled with laughter. Hey this is exactly how I see my girls when they are caring for their new charge. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

p.s. Domino was very sleepy ...but just did not want to miss any of the action! He is so Precious!!!


  1. Mary Helen,
    Congrats on your new studio, will have to come and visit.
    Domino is so cute!
    Blessings and Peace!

  2. Oooooh, Domino is so cute.....puppies know where there is love...
    Your inchie is fantastic, so mirthful, so happy. Stay safe in your snow and ice. I hope you don't lose power. We are just getting a whallop of snow. Probably 2 ft between today and tomorrow. I hope no rain because I have to move it and when it's like cement....take good care. xox Corrine

  3. I don't know what is the cutest...your inchie, the kids or Domino. Wonderful!

  4. Lovely happy inchie! Domino almost steals the show! Isn't he the cutest!

  5. OOOOOHHHH!!!!! I just melt at the site of puppies! Your inchie is fabulous, too!!!

  6. As always gorgeous inchie!! Dominoe is asorable! I love dogs~ many years of enjoyment to come :)

    We have snow and wind and ice here too so hunker down and stay warm and safe!

  7. Lots and lots of mirthful here...your inchie is the studio!...I got one...well I took over the extra room...come on over and see...Tootsie in Oregon