Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tea for Tuesday...I felt as if I was surrounded by angels....

I was blessed many times today!
Chris came in for a resume consultation...which I totally failed but with my circle of angels I think she went home with thought provoking suggestions for a more intimate artist statement..know your audience and do not be afraid to share with your viewers. I have three people who are interested in a needle felt workshop...possibly on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

Mary came in with a coffee pot to replace the one that I lost in a "Wall accident and flying plates...:O}" and spent time with us sharing her profound ideas about her resume format experiences...I knew from the moment I met Mary years ago that she was a women of strength and focus. Now years later she graces my heart and life with her life as an instructor/artist/ special friend. I value you and cherish our moments of shared artist life.

Eleanor came in for lunch and quickly came into the conversation of writing about an artist's life and resume. She is beginning to get back into her photography and I shared an idea for a card for her husband Ned with a vintage photo of a Boston terrier with a little girl ... I will work on it this weekend and share my vision. As soon as I saw this image I thought of her and Ned.

Doris brought in her friend from Athens, Ohio to see the studio ...and it was in a state of ...well organized chaos to say the least. We shared the book images and some of my writings and future fiber projects that I am working on now. I do hope they will return when I have more time to share with them but they seemed to enjoy examining my collections and listening to the conversation amongst the artists working to assist Chris. I am gaining a circle of supportive patrons who drop by to ensure me to work hard every day...make my sacred marks.

Jeanne is a friend who came from Columbus to share her small intimate paintings she created at a very interesting retreat in Michigan last summer. We shared the pitfalls of being of a certain age...over 50 and the realization how difficult it is to apply and get a job in this economy. I shared how I made my own job by hiring myself and making my public, visible studio in downtown Newark. The need to connect publicly and to be responsible for my daily focus and make my life as an artist visible everyday. Leave your fear at the door...or at my gate in my in my case. Jeanne is working on a personal project that she will share when she comes back...maybe on a quieter afternoon...but the variety of each day at Whispers and Echoes is what I love about my space. Everyone is welcomed... all ages, creeds, and lifestyles are welcomed.

This afternoon I attended my Licking County Convention and Visitors Bureau board meeting and we made a decision to increase the pay of our hard working and dedicated director. The discussion was based on what has happened...what might happen... where we can go in 2011 with the Civil War historical celebrations throughout the county. The budget is based on bed tax and the positive activities and possibilities planned throughout the county. I am happy to say the raise was approved for a very hard working woman who believes in Licking County. When one does not officially have a salary per say ...the raise itself sounded great to me :O}!

I came directly home in a cloud of mists and soft sleet. Ken had his faculty meeting so I made a sandwich and fell into my bed under the quilts for warmth and a rest. I was feeling a wee bit guilty because I do not know if I was of any help to Chris and her rewrite of her resume. Yet having the wealth of many other artists was an additional bonus hopefully. I need to get a load of laundry in and my shower before I hit the bed for sleep. I drank a heck of a lot of iced tea today...I was warm from the activity and movement in the studio. Embrace the day! Imagine and Live in peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

p.s. Marc Guthrie from our Newark city board was the Brave man who dared to come in with a circle of Women solving the problems of the World. Thank you Marc!


  1. What an interesting day - you may feel you did not offer much to your friend about her resume, but the simple act of contact and conversation, is sometimes all that is needed to spur on inspiration!

  2. You always seem so busy, but yet, everything you do seems like a wonderful, happy, and enriching adventure. I hope to bring myself to a point where my life is like this. It is so inspiring.

  3. I am so happy that your studio is bringing people in. I guess if you do built it they will come. :)Bea

  4. Another wonderful day, sounds like Mary Helen. Lots of smiling faces I see! Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog.

  5. What a rich and wonderful time! Your window to the world is wide open, no wonder such fabulous people keep coming through it and shining so brightly with you!! Wonderful work Mary Helen, xox K

  6. I do believe you give much more than you could ever imagine dear Mary Helen
    What a delight post full of interaction and so much goodness!
    Happy Weekend
    Stay Warm!