Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday and a new journal for 2011 and the inchie project....

I went to the studio driving in glorious clear sunshine. Happy New Year! The watercolor group from Marilyn Stocker 's Monday class came in for their lunch gathering and they were full of energy and good cheer! These ladies totally amaze me with their desire to learn and express their visions in colors. I am almost ready to pack away the Christmas for next year in an organized fashion if I say so myself. Trust me this is a real improvement over how I have managed my supplies in previous years! I am still displaying the very heavily collage of the snowman in an Eric Carl style and techniques. I am pretty sure we will have a few more snow days in the next couple of months :O). I began putting my Valentine fabrics and trims together so I can make some unique cards for my preferred clients....each and every one is an original and one of a kind. These are really fun for me to work on when I am taking a break from my fiber works. I want to put the large quilt into the three layers so I can apply a few buttons and stitches between the photographs. Focus... authentic... renewal...small steps for a new beginning.

Tomorrow Ken and I are on double duty.... to help Erin and Chance out by babysitting for the kids while they both attend a birthday and retirement party for the senior Spaldings. Cole always gets excited when we spend the night and to be honest I feel especially spoiled having them to myself. I am not sure what the actual game plan is but I need to conserve my energy to keep up with my kiddos.

Reading my shared blog posts and emails takes an hour most of the time but the truth is it is a nice comfortable way to end my evening with friends. I try to contribute and comment to reinforce the creators in their journey and it is reciprocated when I seek advice or techniques or just a good laugh as we all share the process daily of making our art. Have a warm evening and Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Journaling is a great way for inner searching and a good tool to help us on our quest. Your words are always so poetic, they should be in your journal along with whatever strikes your fancy. Love your journal beginnings.

  2. I always start my morning with coffee and blogs, and e-mails. It sort of eases me into the day and lets me soak in art, what is happening in other artists and friends lives and is so NICE. Sitting in the dark, reading, gently awakening, coffee in hand..... :-)
    Can't beat that!
    Are you going to post more journal pages?


  3. Your basket of Valentine crafty goodness looks like lots of fun! I'm loving those pages in your art journal!

  4. I really would really like to start a creative journal, but until the house gets back in order, I won't add to the chaos between getting that and the customer quilts finished.
    I always envy you being surrounded by people. I need to be more social, so my goal for the new year.

  5. Dear Mary Helen, thank you so much for your beautiful comment on my design! I got goosebumps reading it....and it truly gives me the energy and belief to go on!
    You have been a real blessing to me!
    I actually don't use freezer paper. I do use lite steam a seam and it is all blanket stitch applique!But it could also be done as needle turn applique. Thank you so much for your encouragement!

  6. so fun to see this art. wishing you a year full of art and days that feel wonderful to you.

  7. Beautiful sky photo Mary Helen, just beautiful!
    I always enjoy dropping by here to see all your busy-ness.
    Have great fun with those kiddos,,,they do take lots of energy, but it's so worth it, right?

  8. I can only imagine what a delight and how chock full your journal will touch so many lives with your art... thoughtfulness and kind messages. I always enjoy when you've come to visit my Magpie's Nest....your words and vision always fill me up!
    Happy Blessed New Year Dear One!