Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tea for a snowy Tuesday...

You know I am sick when I do not get up and go to my studio. I am positive there is a volcano erupting from my stomach and it is showing no signs of relaxing. I did sleep and watch French movies with sub-titles...hard to do when I did not have my glasses on. Drank two pots of mild herbal tea with honey and lemon with crackers. Ken brought home chicken noodle soup and it does offer some relief. My sister called from Louisville three times...it seems everyone had a snow day in the south. I am watching the second part of Dr. Zhivago the 2002 version. (The jury is still out for me because I so loved the 1968 movie.) I am adding stitches to a small work because tomorrow I have to hang my small exhibit at The Licking County Players Theater with their opening due this Thursday ..."Who's been sleeping with the Butler?" Now my work has nothing to do with this play but I had hoped to make something that would be more thought cohesive.

I took some time to blog hop but Ken needed the computer to put his grades on and I just could not sit in front of the screen for long. Several people have told me that this lasts about 5 days...it is not the kind of diet I can recommend. The snow continues to gently fall outside my doors and is so beautiful tonight...the winds are calm for now but tomorrow I will work on clearing a path and start all over again. Here's to you and your Tea toasts on this blustery day in Ohio. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Sorry you are feeling so bad. Get well soon MH.

  2. Your displayed boxes of tea and pot make a wonderful collage,you're creating art while you're sick!
    Here's hoping the tea and soup work their magic and you are much better soon.
    This volcano recently erupted it's way through my Grandson Jack and his Dad. My daughter is holding her breath it doesn't find her.Continue to drink lots,,,little Jack was nearly dehydrated.
    Take care,,,,

  3. Hope you get feeling better soon....I finally went off my OA med for a bit to get my stomach *happy* (loosely speaking) after previous illness.
    We don't have TIME to be sick...too much ART to do!
    Take care dear.


  4. Oh no, hope you're feeling better today, Mary Helen. Nothing worse than tummy troubles...hate when that happens. As for Dr. Zhivago, I didn't know about the remake...I love the old version also..that Omar Shariff was a looker back in the day, but alas, he now looks like a hundred miles of bad road!! LOL

    Take care and keep warm...you need to come to west TX...going to be in the mid-60's by this weekend.


  5. I didn't know there was a remake! I hope you feel better soon!