Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday ...the stomach is still acting up....

I did go to the studio to work for the afternoon but my stomach refused to cooperate with my set goals. I went to the bank and made a deposit and headed home for bed. I had some egg drop soup but maybe by tomorrow the volcano that lives inside me will calm down. I am supposed to hang a small exhibit but a lot will depend on my condition. I did sleep most of the weekend away on Saturday and Sunday but when I was at the theater I felt the now all too familiar rumblings returning.
This too shall pass.

I am including some of the photos from the concert The Band Perry and my latest "Inchie" . I have the most difficult time getting a good photograph of my small works but honestly I do enjoy this exercise.

The snow storm is arriving early in the morning and I refuse to is January and the snows come about now. Hopefully the road crews will be successful in their endeavors. I realize the children are hoping for a snow day but they do have Friday and next Monday off for the celebration of Martin Luther King. I have two painting students next Monday at 10 am until noon. Then the girls are set to spend the rest of their day with the Girl Scouts workshop planned at The Works. I am planning a Pet Portrait exercise for my star ladies so let us hope we can do Sparky justice.

Be life the "Little Prince" and seek to discover the Truth. Put very simply prayer is when we ask the Universe for something, and Meditation is when we stop and listen. Have a peaceful night. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Great inchie Mary. Feel better soon!

  2. Mary, I too was shocked to hear about the Tucson massacre. It is a very sad indictment of the political climate in this country today. I hop that this will be a wake up call for those who are encouraging this kind of behavior. Love the inchies you have been making with the fabric and buttons. Hope you start feeling better soon.

  3. Mary-Helen, when we had the stomach disruptor it was about a solid week, then, boom---gone as quick as it came. I doubled my probiotics and did not have it quite as bad.... Hope you are on the mend soon my friend.
    OMGosh...I could see my fingers laughing at me trying to do an inchie. I bow to you!
    Take care safe!

    Anne.....ready to go rev up the John Deere and do the *Plow-girl* thang!

  4. I love your inchie! I hope you feel better soon-I've been having a stomach thing as well, not much fun.

  5. Your inchie looks great and photographed well, too!

  6. I love your inchie! Hope the tummy has gotten better... Stay warm and dry...