Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Home more day...check Serafina and Stella for a cupcake treat...

I needed another day in bed and near the bathroom... search for Spike Lee and his wife's book "Giant Steps to Change the World" on Amazon....and
"a trio of fluffy tails
tousle and tangle
among the skeletal branches of winter's trees
outside my bedroom window
in a flurry and fluff of white crystal gems
A silver streak of a gray female cardinal visits through my window...I need more seed please.

I watched Ovation Channel with their Art and the City visits to New Orleans and Chicago. I have had my interest peaked by the culture of New Orleans with the possibility of bringing a spirit of the Mardi Gras to Newark in 2012 as a fund raiser. I learned and wrote quick sparse notes about districts, galleries and artists from New Orleans. It seems that the music, Jazz and the Creole foods are easily recognized and known but the city is so much more. I am just beginning my quest.
The Art and the City second chapter was for a favorite city of mine ...Chicago. I need to stay at the Hotel Burham if only for one night to photograph the iconic images, wear a leopard robe and ride the elegant elevator. Originally this building of the first in Chicago was a business building and remodeled for an exquisite one of a kind experience near the theater district. "Make no small plans" is one of Daniel Burnham's famous quotes . Of course they outlined the neighborhoods and gallery districts in and around the loop with the Michigan Mile and Millennium Park and the revitalized areas showing vibrant rebirth. I need to get back to Chicago ...maybe this summer.

Tonight Ken and I went down to the small community theater to install my small works for their opening tomorrow night. It was bitter cold outside so we did not dawdle. Afterwords we went for a quick bite to eat...I had and it tasted good my favorite an avocado turkey burger. It did not last long though...I just can not keep real foods down or maybe I just ate too much too soon. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Good night and sleep warm and well. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. gorgeous pieces Mary Helen
    hoping you are feeling much much better very soon

    take care my friend!

  2. What do you need to know about The Crescent City??? :-)


  3. o your quilts are so beautiful!! hope you are feeling better soon!

  4. Man, this one just won't let you go, will it! I do hope you start feeling better soon! These are gorgeous pieces!

  5. I see Anne already posted a comment...she's the New Orleans expert!! I visited Chicago last Sept. and fell in love. Spent 5 hours at the Art Institute and walked around Millennium Park and the Miracle Mile. My stepdaughter and her husband and son live there, so we also saw the normal, everyday Chicago too. We walked to this really great little diner, Mikes, about 4 blocks from our hotel where they served local favorites and I had to ask what they were...loved it!!

    Hope you're feeling better today and please take care.


  6. Your quilts are so gorgeous they are mesmerizing! I love them! So sorry you are still ill and hope you feel better soon. Interesting I just finished reading Devil in the White City which I found incredibly informative about Burnham and that era, particularly the architecture and inventions.

  7. Your quilts are amazing. This collection is something else!!! Glad you are on the mend and Chicago and Burnham, like Deborah said, Devil in the White City is a fascinating read. I love Chicago too and have my fav spots every time we go, millenium park being one of them. Have you been to
    the Chicago Cultural Center? Free art all the time.....right on Michigan near Millenium Park....xox Corrine