Saturday, May 29, 2010

Whispers and Echoes of Women's Work--Part II

Below: Mary Helen's announcement in the newspaper. Above: It Takes a Village--Prayer for the Maasai Warrior. This quilt was purchased by The Ohio State University (Newark Branch) for the John and Christine Warner Library. Click on the photos for larger views.

Click on the play button on the preceding post (below) first for Part I of the video. This is Part II of Whispers and Echoes--play it 2nd.
(Mary will post her written words later; she is resting now.)

It Will Reveal Itself....

Seek the inner depth of things,
and when they lead you to the edge of a great discovery,
discern whether it arises from a necessity of your being.
Either this discovery will strike you as superficial and you will shed it,
or it will reveal itself as intrinsic to you and grow into a strong and honest tool of your art.
Letters to a Young Poet

I hope you will feel as if you have had an opportunity to step into my world as an artist. The images and the circle of energies in the people in the room visiting my heart through my work will continue long after this earthly vessel enters a new dimension. I do not make a large number of works of art but by sharing the writings and finished images I am able to speak and share with viewers now and in the future. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Loved all of it! :) Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you Ken, SO MUCH, for taking the time to create this for those of us that were unable to attend. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. How wonderful to see all those smiling faces. People feeling the energy and love of your works. Thank you both again for sharing this with us. :)Bea

  3. Hi Mary Helen and Ken. Congratulations on your amazing solo show and reception!!!!!! I'm so sorry we couldn't come. It was our Eva's Preschool Graduation night! :) Your photos, writing, and videos are sooooo wonderful! We are so thankful to you both for all of your love and sharing with the world! Congratulations on the sale of Massai Warrior to the OSU gallery! They are very smart to now own this piece and to share it with all the students to come! Hurray! Much love, Susi and Jimmy

  4. I just wish I could see your work up close and personal - the vibrancy, colors, patterns, messages and details - each stitch calls to be admired. There are a lot of beaming faces here. What can I say - I am in awe of all the hard and gorgeous work you have done, through the incredible challenges. This is the true testimonial to how much art DOES heal, and transform, and connect to the life force within us. Rest, bask, soak up the love that is apparent in all the people that were there admiring your work and you, as well as all of us here that wish we could have been there in person. I have tears of love and joy in my eyes especially in seeing that final black and white image of you and your love - so beautiful. Hugging you now! love, Karin

  5. Thank you for the visit to your world! I really enjoyed it!