Friday, May 28, 2010

Whispers and Echoes of Women's Work

Prayer for the Maasai Warrior...8 and 1/2 ' by 5 ' ...contemporary funerary art quilt destined to live and preside over the students in the John and Christine Warner Library at Ohio State University here in Newark! I am so blessed.

I am so blessed. The opening went so well with many good wishes from such dear friends and patrons of the Arts here in Licking county. I am an artist who will now have a major work in the John and Christine Warner Library at Ohio State University here in Newark. A local artist who lives and loves our community, a paid artist for their work in a public Living university library designed and built to serve the needs of the students and faculty. Comfortable couches and numerous fireplaces to warm the spirit on a cold winter's eve; the most up-to-date computer services, resources and even a healthy food counter and gourmet coffee shop for those late night study sessions. I have a legacy open to the present community and future generations for years to come. I will be gone but my sacred marks will guard and protect my dream for a diverse community. We are all tired and had a great turn out despite the Memorial Day weekend with many families out of town for reunions and family gatherings. I will write more tomorrow when I am more coherent. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Oh yeah yeah yeah!!!!! That is such a phenomenal legacy, and blessing Mary Helen! Bravo, to you, truly. and I'm feeling blessed to have been there in book form to collect all your visitors for holding memories ;-) Thank you for including me in that way. love, love to you, rest well,

  2. HOW WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!! :)Bea

  3. Congratulations and a well earned rest to you for today! You are definitely making memories for you and for so many others: family, and friends and folks whose names you will never know. God Bless our Military men and women and their loved ones this holiday and God Bless America! Lennie

  4. How wonderful, Mary Helen. My God, what a legacy!


  5. You have surely made your mark in this world. Congratulations to you Mary Helen. The piece is outstanding and you look lovely! :)

  6. So happy to share this incredible moment with you! SO well deserved! I love this particular picture...
    The videos are fantastic, how lucky you are to have Ken!he gets the videographer award!