Saturday, May 22, 2010

a rainy Saturday filled with contemplation...

my rusty bits off my back deck....
a mandala theme growing
petry dishes in a circular arrangement....

I am still working...almost in an unconscious state of prayerful movement as I make my list...five 16" by 20" frames to finish and frame on or by Monday. Tomorrow we will head over to Columbus to partake in a memorial celebration for one of our friends father. These happy go lucky guys used to get together and play golf...their stories of footage and drives were always punctuated by outrageous claims and accusations o who was not counting all their strokes. This ceremonial gathering on a golf course was their ritual gathering and bull---- convention. I really love the fact that this is an allowed ritual sport where men and some women (I can not deal with the hot sun and heat) can come together outside in Nature and just chase their balls. In less than one year Ken has lost two golf mates so time is changing way too quickly...both of us have lost our fathers so there is some what an understanding of how difficult it is to say goodbye to our fathers. "The circle / secret of life is enjoying the passage of time" becomes more relevant with each passing day." May time renew the happy moments and recognize our parents are always with us in our memory and our hearts.

I visited a few blog posts during breaks this afternoon and Venetian Red has shared some interesting photos of South Florida Fine Art Exhibit...the circle patterns. subject matter revealed are intriguing and some how haunting me mind's wanderings. The circular patterns vibrate with a never broken energy that pulls the viewers in for a closer examination. Hypochondria images of collected petry dishes and specimens photographed by Klari Reis were mesmerizing and I can not explain why. Maybe it is the combination of scientific observations and art design elements united for a strong impressive composition. At my first impression I thought they were completed with images of antique buttons ...not petry dishes...and wanted more information as to why Klari chose this arrangement to document. I am fascinated by circles and spirals and often employ them in my own works. Almost a metaphysical message from the creator to the art viewer and bringing them into visibility. Prayerful assemblages that may mean more to me because of my medical history and perpetual search for an accurate diagnosis of my autoimmune disease. I have included some of this posts images ...see what you might be reminded of or guided by in your own personal experiences. Evidence of spirit and body ...the artist asks many questions and invite the viewer to supply their answers and hypothesis to what the meaning of this composition signifies.

I had better get back to my work with my constant companion headache...Sunday is just 90 minutes away...Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

1..... Eva Hess threads of connection
2.....add final colors to Ramona's collage on canvas
3.....Beatrice Woods "I shock myself"
4.....Immaculee Ilibagiza...survivor of Rwanda genocide and lesson of forgiveness
5.....Judith Scott...finding her voice in her world of silence


  1. Another insightful post. I love circles. I often use the spiral. It tickled me when the Create channel decided to use the spiral shape for their logo. Some beautiful buttons there. A long time ago I did a round robin where we each sent our own mandala shape around and everyone added something to it. I received my original home filled with this wonderful energy. I hope you aren't pushing yourself to much, right now. I know you have much to finish but do take some time to rest, eat well and breathe. :)Bea

  2. I was surprised to rad they were petry dishes. How interesting. I use spirals in my work often also. After I visited Newgrange in Ireland I was so interested in that shape. Also these shapes show up in my medicine wheel garden and will be in my future yard labyrinth. Take it easy Mary Helen and don't overdo things. Take care of YOU!

  3. Love those petry what's growing inside them????

    Have a wonderful Sunday even though you've got lots on you inspire me!!



  4. I really love this! mandalas are a favorite of mine so I am happy to see them...