Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Cinco de Mayo....

Despite all the sadness in the Gulf of Mexico and my fear that the innocent creatures will struggle for a long time to survive I am positive we can all help in one way or another. One beauty shop has decided to save and send the cut hair to a processing place that felts in a way the hair into a collector of the floating oils in these precious waters. My friend explained to me that the loop current could carry this mess down the currents of the west coast of Florida and she lives in Naples. BP should be held accountable for all the losses and destruction...but we will have to all pay the costs of the cleanup.

Cinco de Mayo was a beautiful day here and I had a great idea to go out to one of the couple of wonderful Mexican restaurants in our area. Great minds think alike because several groups of young and I do mean young people were standing outside the entry doors with an hour or so wait. So we headed over to the Olive Garden for a quiet dinner and peaceful evening...a date of sort. I had a wonderful Parmesan crusted tilapia and angel hair pasta with grilled fresh vegetables. Ken had Chicken Parmesan and rich pasta plus we each had salad that was crisp,delicious and I love their olives. We then ran a few errands searching for a baby gift for our nephew's first baby boy and came home to continue my getting ready for Days of Creation volunteering day on Friday and planning a private luncheon the day before the exhibit opens to the public on Friday. I also washed the last...I think it is the last bag of buttons, clipping the threads left over from being sewn on garments and finally sorting by different characteristics. Time consuming but at the same time it is a slow meditative process that seems to calm my nerves a wee bit.

I am including a few blasts from my past with all three girls...I had to scan some older photos to include them in my files. That is a problem we have when we switch from film to digital format. I need to maybe spend some time scanning my favorite oldies but goodies. And drum role please...I received my new camera in the delivery today. I will have to really study now to learn how to use this new tool for my art work! Back to work...Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Oh you will love your new camera! New cameras are like candy to me!!!
    The statues are gorgeous; I am particularly fond of the top one.
    I guess the thing that gets me most with the BP issue is the platform had been cited numerous times for safety issues, nothing was done, and then the morons have no fail-safe for the problem now. Hello? Like you did not think this could happen????
    But it is MONEY, and no one at that level cares.
    Sorry...rant over...quickly!


  2. So glad you had a good date night! The BP thing is a MESS! I am so saddened by the whole thing! No amount of money or apologies can fix this one! Those angels are beautiful! Did you create them?

  3. Love the wooden angels. I have a few of the Oaxaca wooden animals in my them!! Here I am of Mexican descent and both my mother and I forgot about it being Cinco de Mayo. It really has never been celebrated in my family, but it's a big one here in El Paso and all over the S.W. U.S. and now everywhere!!

    As I told my father once, "We haven't overcome, we've over run!!" He got a big kick out of that comment.

    Have a great week and take care of yourself.


  4. My angels are from my trips to Mexico...the one on the top row is ceramic by Josephina the famous artists from Oaxaca and a genuine treasure to meet and watch her process from the earth's clay to a finished work of art.

    The second angel was created just for me by J. Hermandez...the man who built his village into a community with schools, clinics and running safe water by teaching the many artists who create magic in the trees. He made it to look like me he said...I visited his home and met his wife and family and now he guides me in making my sacred marks.

    The third angel with the red straw hair is carved and painted by a family collaboration Epifanio Fuentes and painted by his mother Julia Fuentes in Oaxaca in June 1998. I love this straw hair and the intricacies in her paint and brush strokes. Well at least for today she is my favorite angel.

    Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. Love the angels and thanks for telling about each one. They are just beautiful! The BP mess is just that. The love of money does terrible things sometimes.