Wednesday, May 26, 2010

a sensitive ear to embrace the silence....

The last three works are hung in the gallery and the silence is peaceful. Marcia Downes, the director was pushing a broom to prepare for tomorrow's luncheon. Tomorrow would have been Howard LeFevre's birthday but he is alive in everyone who believes and Lives his Dream. Thank you Mr. Howard for checking in on me every week as I worked to LIVE the Arts here in Licking County. I have learned so much from my years here and I want to continue the Dream. Marcia asked me if I was Happy? Happy does not cover the honor I have been given to share in my Dream of showing my works in my hometown... the stories and the legacy our community lives through a courageous silent journey. On Howard's birthday he would invite me to come along to a wonderful restaurant and we would both have fresh scallops. I would joke and ask why he would invite me but in my heart I knew he believed in me and wanted the Arts to grow and flourish here in Licking county. His family and dear friends with Marcia and Jon, and dear Charlotte plus the dean of the campus of OSU and COTC...I felt like royalty at this prestigious celebration. Tomorrow I celebrate for you in your gift of the Works. We are all blessed because you had a vision of Hope and Promise. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. that top piece looks amazing, MH...really wishes for a good show

  2. Oh my, it's tomorrow!!!! I can almost feel the excitement of it all Mary Helen! :D Have a wonderful show! Hope we get to see pics!

  3. Beautiful piece and big congratulations on the show opening!!!
    I am so happy and proud for you and surely wish I could be there! May it be wonderful, delightful, exciting and absolutely much more than you could expect---you deserve it!!


  4. What a beautiful show this will be! And your unselfish , humble tribute is touching.
    I am sure Howard is watching over the show...

  5. These are beautiful! I wish you the best as your show opens!

  6. Oh these are so beautiful - such excitement and anticipation is always sweet. Howard sounds like he was a beautiful man and your words about him touched me deeply.
    Congratulations for living your dream.

  7. Gorgeous Mary Helen, I love zooming in to all your details - each stitch, color change, sparkle and swirl. Artful wealth abounds!! and I'm sure Howard is looking on, thrilled with his dream being celebrated through your works! So wish I could be there in person, but know I'm thinking of you, and celebrating in my heart ❤
    Love, wellness, and much peace,

  8. Hi May Helen,
    I love your pieces!! They are so beautiful to look at!!
    Good luck with the show!!