Sunday, May 9, 2010

a day of honor

I miss you Mom
a day does not go by that I do not reach out to call you
I hold the phone in my hand ..and then I remember you have gone home.
Mom you gave me life ...a life of joy and strength fortified by a legacy of women united
a circle of radiating energy supporting the future by cradling their precious young in a warm embrace of indescribable love
I miss you Mom..sweet lady and the rock of our entire family
yet I know you are here with me
daily guiding my heart
to hold and embrace my children and their children
as they unfold their wings to fly and make the world a better place.
I love you Mom...everything I am I owe to your dedicated heart of courage
stand when the legs are weak
speak when no one dares to recognize an injustice
dedicate my life to those I love
protect the smallest of small
celebrate this moment in time.
A potted zinnia hand painted by my three year old grandson and granddaughter
royal purple marks that speak to my heart
as I witness a new tomorrow's dawn.
You will change the world. Imagine and Live in Peace,
Happy Mothers Day to all the dedicated are so loved.
Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Well, that made me smile and still tear up. I miss John's mother. She was a mother to me when my own mother lived far away and couldn't cope with being a mother or a grandmother.
    I'm glad you had a wonderful day. I love the potted plant and handprint. Happy Mother's Day from one mother to another. :)Bea

  2. What a Lovely Mother's Day tribute, it expresses what we all felt over this awesome weekend. I am so glad you were well to enjoy every moment. Have a great week, Lennie

  3. How wonderful you were honoured and what a great way to honour your own mother. I still have mine around and consider it a blessing, when she's not going after me about my weight or wisenheimer comebacks!! LOL

    Have a lovely week.


  4. Such a beautiful tribute! I hope your day was wonderful!!

  5. What wonderful smile making photos!! and I'm glad you have memories of a loving mother to be inspired and comforted by...