Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pirates of Grammar...grade 2 and 3 at CherryValley Elementary

Today I had to muster some extra energy to get to my Cultural Alliance of Licking County to make proper preparations for the upcoming Art Walk in July down on the historical courthouse square. The fee for the day is 65.00 for the day but in this economy money is very tight especially for the artists in our community. The group modified the CALL for artists with a discount incentive of 20.00 if registered by an early date to ensure a good placement on the square. We will meet together early next month to calculate our next steps. Several people have worked extremely hard to pull this next Art Walk into 2010.

After I left my meeting I headed over to Cherry Valley for a dramatic production of second and third graders performing "pirates of Grammar" . I think there were eight different classrooms on stage in all their wonderful costumes, eye patches, bandannas and swords. The singing and the dancing kept us all smiling and I was able to grab front row seats so I could get some great photos as Sabrina waved at us during the whole performance. She has memorized all of the songs and their teacher puts her whole life into production and the love she shares with each of these young thespians is immeasurable. Teachers who really love what they do and do what they love...touching the future and ensuring that we all create a world of equality and community for all generations. Sitting on folding chairs and clapping or these young spirits appears to be a right of passage and I passionately believe we all need to support the Arts in our schools for everyone.

This leak in the Gulf of Mexico is growing into a "don't blame me" fiasco for the loss of life, environment, wild life, and nesting wetlands and future fishing industries for decades. No one wants to stand up for the responsibility of destroying thousands of lives and livelihoods ...the sad fact that even victims of Katrina have been forgotten and overlooked as the families attempt to come home to rebuild. I am hopeful that we as Americans can unite to aid in the rebuilding of these communities in homes and businesses that will sustain future storms...a quality of life for all.

I am still working on my pieces and my eyes are tired. The storms are rumbling through the night skies and the thunder is almost unbelievable. I will work tomorrow to add a few more photos of my progress. On Sunday we will travel up to the FAVA opening in Oberlin...I have to admit I am getting a wee bit excited to be participating with such wonderful fiber artists. I am praying for sunshine to morrow. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Just too adorable. How I remember attending every program of my children's from Kinder up to Senior year and including many of my daughter's concerts when she was in college. My grandchildren don't live here so I hear about them, however, not lately.

    Have a wonderful week and take care.


  2. What fun! Great photos of Sabrina. She'll love those when you pull them out to show her future husband. lol There are workshops being offered outside of Chicago by Cloth, Paper, etc. I would love to go but with gas, hotel, food and then $140.00 plus $10.00 for kits for a class it's just not in the budget. My buddies and I are going to look at the list of classes and then teach them to each other, out in the studio. Yes, we miss something by hearing it from the teacher's mouth but we have the books, the magazines and each other. If they use my supplies they are donating a bag of groceries to the local Food Pantry. I think that's fair. :)Bea

  3. Great photos! I miss those concert days.