Thursday, May 6, 2010

Days of Creation at St. Francis elementary....

Today I spent most of the day working with preparation for a traveling art exhibit and materials to share and demonstrate the art of drawing with embroidery flosses in a rainbow of colors. I am taking a small collection of vintage fabrics and clothing from cultures from around the globe to hopefully inspire three groups of 15 for a one on one demonstration so they can create some WOW flower power. I am taking Natalie Merchant's newest CD that is inspired by children poems and nursery rhymes from different cultures. The CD is names LEAVE YOUR SLEEP and I was lucky enough to purchase the duo with a book that offers insight in her research and sharing the songs she has song to her own daughter for the last six years. Natalie collaborated with over a 100 musicians and the blending orchestral notes will fill one's heart. I do have to be honest ...I love Natalie Merchant's melodic voice and folk style of story telling. It is a calming, melodic CD that soothes me as I do my "slow cloth" works. Tonight my friend has stepped up to assist me because she is a wonderful kind angel and a wonderful artist, This is her parish so she is familiar and I love collaborating with her...we have a dream for a center...a drop in center for children and women going through counseling for domestic abuse. Thank you dear Kelly...this insures each child gets plenty of individual attention and hopefully will enjoy this encounter. I am taking my camera and a small red scrapbook for the children to write "whatever" they feel about their Creation Day experience. The staff is planning a luncheon for us so we can work with the other artists that have come for this annual event.

My first iris opened this morning..a velvety Burgundy bloom that invites one to come closer and see the mystery of this flower unfold. Iris was the messenger of the ancient Greek gods and she appeared to the mortals on earth in the form of a rainbow. The glorious was said to be the flight of Iris winging a message across the sky. She was as fleet of foot as the bloom of the flower is short, and there are many different shades of the Iris as the colors of the rainbow. My day lilies are coming up nicely if they do not get eaten by my dear deer...I check each morning to see what gifts have opened from the evening's veil of velvet darkness.

I have washed fabric to ensure softness in handling , cut over 50 6 inch squares and collected all my inspirations to share for a very brief amount of time. I am looking forward to savoring my time with young spirits full of optimism and creativity. I end up learning so much more from the young innocents than I depart in their life experiences but when one gives time on a one to one experience both sides win. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

I added the Lilies of the valley because Ken has already gone to bed..I will post the Iris tomorrow. Simple gifts and simple pleasures.


  1. And, YOU tell me to slow down. How wonderful is your dream of that center. We have one here in town and every year I get a beautiful hand drawn thank you card, for my donation, from a child that has passed through the center. I love them.
    My uncle gave me one Iris bulb from each of his beloved collections, when I got married. He didn't tell me to keep each one separate from the other when I planted. First year they came up beautifully, then the bees cross pollenated them and next year they came up "muddy". I never told him, it would have made him so sad. Now, older and wiser I have many different clumps of them scattered around the yard, in his memory. :)Bea

  2. Will check out her CD. I've gotten back into Harry Chapin...what a wonderful storyteller he was. The world needs more storytellers, however, I've been known to weave a few tales myself!!! LOL I'm sure you can imagine!!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend and have a very lovely Mother's Day.


  3. What a wonderful idea! I'm sure the children will enjoy it!

  4. Love the lily-of-the-valley, the fragrance is intoxicating.
    We got to see Natalie Merchant in Wash DC last friday, it was a night to remember, she is amazing and her Leave Your Sleep album is a masterpiece!
    Best of luck with your traveling art exhibit!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  5. Georgina I received a kiss on the cheek way back in time when I saw him in concert at a small college theater...he had sung the teacher song which was hysterical. Patty I heard the Natalie Merchant interview on NPR and ordered to play while I was working with 5TH graders at St. Francis for their Days of Creation event. I was so wowed by your experience where you able to hear Natalie in shared in your wonderful post. By the way the children loved the CD! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  6. Hi there I am glad I found your blog. Miss you lots and hope you are doing ok. I am still arting and belong to a co op about 40 minutes away.