Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Maya's Drama performance with Miss Bieber....and Gratitude

Making sacred marks...my sacred marks
Recognizing the importance of pencil touching the paper
The notes of colors giving Voice to a human heart
Small miracles documenting the multiple messages from generations
Our hands make the connection....yesterday, today and a diverse future for our tomorrows
Celebration of my life
In fabric...an emotional response to textiles recording and touching me back
Moving forward in diverse marks printed onto a precious commodity
to visible global responses
The people in this room support my vision
Even when they might not know what I am trying to say
The realization that I reveal more than than I ever acknowledged
Ripples of experiences and survival
A celebration of Life and all those who have entered my circle
Reflections and Ripples revealed from the past six decades
I am blessed
You have blessed me
The voice of God speaks through me
Amidst the often chaotic surroundings in our culture
Art gives the creator and the viewer a place to stand still
Standing still is essential for our journeys
Imagine and Live in PEACE.

Maya Rose had her family picnic/shared dinner tonight before the final performance of Her Geography Hip Hop musical number. This is more intimate than the big production with Sabrina's Pirate play and the families got a chance to meet and respond to the joys this past year has provided for the children at Cherry Valley. With the major economic cuts I am hopeful that this will find the needed funds to continue this enriching program. I was gone for three hours...three hours when I should have been working but seeing the light in Maya eyes as she prepared for performance is another documentation of performance art. Thank you Miss Bieber...you have shared your passion and your life with my grandchildren...Have a great summer. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Sometimes we have to take breaks we think we should not take to fill the well we constantly are dipping from.
    I think your time was a great replentishment to the vault of creative emotions!


  2. sounds and looks like a magical and special evening of blessed connections

  3. It looks like it was a wonderful experience!

  4. What a beautiful light in her eyes. What a memory she has of her grandmother being there to watch her with her family. Children remember things like that. It's important to show our support of their interests and loves. :)Bea

  5. I know you were supposed to be working, but Maya will always remember that you came. And so will you. Julie

  6. I never missed a single play or concert that my daughter had. We may not have had fancy trips etc. but she will remember that I was there. Children will remember what is the most important to them. Good for you. Thank you for your lovely comment about my opening up a shop. I am pretty excited. I will keep everyone posted. Thanks.

  7. How wonderful that you were able to go. I love far away from my grandsons and don't get to participate often in things they do. So you are blessed.

  8. I do read your blog on a daily basis, well almost daily! HA! And I enjoy your Joy thru your writings even when I do't take the time to comment. How wonderfully you are Blessed to have your children and grands so near to you. And I can see that you take full advantage of that Blessing. I love reading as your life and your works unfold. Keep up the good work you have begun. Love from Lennie