Monday, May 24, 2010

a day for gratitude...Thank you Ken , Justin and Lyn....

I am going to teach Lyn to gift to her.
Hand inspecting each placement of even the smallest works.... Crow Moon
"Marriage Takes Three" Merinda chair
"Merinda" wood burned chair...Queen Brooks this ones for you and my gentle Rosa Parks...
My latest Creation quilt...Merinda IV...checking placement...this is not quite right....
Justin was superb...he and Ken are super patient men with a great deal of patience and a wonderful sense of humor!

The quilts are up and only two more minor adjustments to add on Wednesday and then I can contemplate my next sacred marks. Mondays are quiet in the museum ...the doors are closed to the public even though the energy continues to flow as people stop by and deliver pertinent information and ask for further programs and the hours for field trips. When you enter the main entrance there is a bronze statue of Howard Le Fevre...our patriarch for honoring the history, technology and art in Licking county. It is a real amazement to others who did not meet Howard to see his legacy he left for everyone in and around our community. I felt Howard there today with me and I could almost hear his gentle voice asking me to tell him about the Arts this week in Licking county...come have a cup of soup...and then he would give me a point or two on how to increase the flows and opportunities for my patrons. I miss you Howard...but I carry you in my heart forever.

Marcia invited me over to a quick lunch in the central gallery and I gazed lovingly at the empty space... now vacant ...where my beloved LCA gallery once celebrated and exhibited the sacred marks of my community. I would love to have a studio in that space and Marcia and I discussed the possibility of combining print works and exhibits and gallery space to unite with the Print Shop over on First Street...part of the Historical studios and exhibits in The Works complex. There is now the involvement of the STEM science and math programs, lectures and summer concerts in the courtyard plus seasonal family oriented activities. The programs continue to grow and blossom with each new year and hopefully the recognition with the Smithsonian will continue to widen our lenses on the culture in our country and our globe. Thank you Howard...maybe in the future there will be an opportunity for me to work for you and your dream.

The major quilts are now hung thanks to Ken and his wise experience from the years past, Justin who prepared and hung the works lovingly as Lyn and I expressed our opinions left...up...down...Perfect!!! placements and locations for each work in this beautiful space. I have enough works and assemblages on canvas for a complete second exhibit...but there is really no need to crowd the white and well lit space that highlights each work. We were all tired as the day came to a close but with rest and recognition for gratitude to those who came before me...Thank you all who have gone before me. I am back to truly gives me a sense of work is a journey of my soul and my heart. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. What a wonder-full gallery show this will be!!! The quilts are gorgeous!!!! I would love to see a closeup of the chair!!!!

  2. It is so exciting! Your work is lovely and I know the show will be lovely and a success as well.

  3. What a beautiful space. Thank you so much for all the pictures of your work. I still want Ken to video the opening reception. I want to PRETEND that I am there with you all, milling around, listening to the talk and looking at your beautiful works of art. :)Bea

  4. I love the idea of a video! This looks like a wonderful show!

  5. Thank you all for your loving comments and support..I say it is like walking into a room of people NAKED! I will get better photos of the wood-burned chair with Merinda's image...I am still finishing the fourth Creation Merinda Quilt and adding final touches to my Remembering Romona...a ninety year old woman who made incredible art and she shared her amazing life with me. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  6. such a beautiful collection - wish I could see and touch and smell - indulge myself in person!! they radiate to me out all the way here in NY though!! much love Mary Helen, your work sings, with perfect pitch, purity, and loving appreciation for all that is. sing on my friend, sing on! xox K

  7. Congratulations Mary Helen!!!
    Wonderful Wonderful and really Wonderful!
    So happy for you taking this leap ... you have so much creativity to share with us all!

  8. The exhibit looks wonderful. Great to see your work in a space like this. Congratulations.

  9. Looking at the pictures I feel I need to get there!What a variety of work! I will let you know when I can get there! Best of luck!

  10. Yikes! I had no idea your one piece you posted was that large until I saw you adjusting its placement in the gallery. Oh, one day I hope to be able to have my hands up high and arms spread fully to be able to reach each corner. Your work is an inspiration to me - it reminds me of Beryl Taylor's.
    I wish I could visit your opening. I'm in Canada - I think it'd be a wee bit of a jaunt!