Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday ...I should be working right now....

Tom Potter will loved for a very long time dear friend.
Scott and Jill...we love you both ...thank you for including us in this celebration of Life!
Ken and Scott...buddies forever...Morgan is trying to figure out who you are with Grandpa???
Marshall Cole three years old and baby sister Morgan Elizabeth one year and sound in their car seats...Where will we put Baby number three in August????
Cole and his cat Tabitha....
Morgan Elizabeth sporting her first haircut with Grandpa :O)!

Ken and I attended a dear friend's Father's memorial held at a golf course where Tom loved to play golf... and had a jazz band which included his young grandson seventeen year old Chase who will be studying in Boston this summer...his specialty is Jazz Violin. The weather was beautiful and golfers were on the course...there was a memory slide show complete with family memories and holiday celebrations. Two sisters and two brothers brought their families into Columbus for a weekend memorial...the food was a picnic, the music inspirational and the stories unforgettable. The Potter family has another memory for their hearts and know their father and grandfather will always be with them as they live their lives for generations to come. Thank you for including us in the party...I felt like family. May God bless and keep you all!

Ken went to get an air popcorn popper...too many chemicals in our microwave packaging and I went to the grocery...yikes we needed everything it seems. I made eye of beef round with mushrooms and carrots and wide egg noodles. I am sending a dinner home to Erin because she looked very tired today and Chance is under stress for his dissertation presentation next week...and Erin has been running around at 6 months pregnant shopping and caring for her mother who is recovering from knee surgery and all the while chasing after two delightful little ones...Cole and Morgan :O)! Ken has already dug into this delicious beef and noodles for his dinner and I made enough to send over the my neighbor Melanie who had surgery on Friday. I am earning my gold stars for all the times I have been naughty but nice :O).

Now, I need to get my act in gear and work on my Creation quilt for completion...tomorrow we will deliver some more works and hang the quilts for my exhibit. What was I thinking???? I need to get a few more postcards into the mail for my cousin in Indiana and one of the cashiers at Kroger who is on sick leave...maybe she will be well enough to come and take a visit to the gallery. Ginny has been asking me questions and supporting my handwork for the last year. Enjoy the last few hours of our Sunday respite... a day for family, rest and just plain loving each other!

Oh my goodness... my Maya Rose received her first cell phone today and she is going to teach me to text and send photos back and forth to each other. She is so excited...and growing way too fast for my heart's dreams. One moment she was a tiny baby and now she is almost eleven and we are making plans to swim and enjoy our summer together. Imagine and Live in Peace and Love !!!! Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Whew was it just one week ago and we were celebrating at the FAVA exhibit in Oberlin? Life is flashing by... I am so blessed.

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  1. What a wonderful place to celebrate a life, where the person enjoyed themselves to the fullest. I think I would like mine in my backyard with my studio open for people to wander in and out. Take care of yourself. I worry when you overdo and get stressed. Sending you extra love, light and healing energy for your week. :)Bea