Sunday, December 6, 2009

we are home...simple gifts holding onto one another in our bed...

We met with one of the surgeons today who reminded Ken we are not out of the woods yet and he lost over four units of blood while he was in the hospital's care. He had lost at least 100 cc.s every forty minutes while he was determined to stay home until friend who is a nurse said men cannot make good decisions in this predicament and Now I do know I will call the squad if he will not let me drive him to the hospital. We lost a couple nights of sleep...both of us...but I want to thank the caring doctors, surgeons and incredible nursing teams that held Ken in their healing hands. I have been keeping the families in the news loop and will appreciate knowing what our next steps will be. The "unknown" has a certain amount of darken power over a human spirit if you allow the fear to grow and fester. Fatigue can make the circumstances appear almost blacken as we search for answers to help Ken regain his needed strength for a full recovery. I am so grateful for the support of friends and family members as we struggled to get to the next morning's promise. Ken has had a difficult year with the diagnosis of diabetes and now this next chapter to experience. Ken is a tall, strong, kind man who has been beside me every step of the way with the progression of my lupus. You are all right when you tell me to stay healthy for him as I do know how much we need each other.

Tomorrow I need to go to the grocery and pick up some easily digestible foods and will probably make a some homemade vegetable soup...comfort food for me to prepare and easy for him to eat as he gets a little more strength back. I want to pick up a movie or two at the library tomorrow and he still wants to go to the Spalding household for Santa's surprise visit for the Mother's group. I know and he knows he can not pick up Cole or even Morgan but I will drive him over for this holiday moment.

My words are totally inadequate when it comes to expressing my gratitude for your kindness and support. Every day is a gift and we make it what we dream. Thoughts are possibilities and our dreams give us all the goals we need to reach for tomorrow. I am tired but I am so much more calm now having Ken home with me. The hospital was and is great but our home is serene and all ours. Yes I will pick up the Christmas mess but that is not what is family is the most valuable gift to me life as an artist. Imagine and Live in Peace...tonight and every day. Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. I am so thankful to read this post this morning; have thought and worried about BOTH of you so much!!!
    You tell Ken if he doesn't behave I'll make a quick trip in your direction before MY surgery and give him a swift kick in the shins to remind him to MIND HIS WIFE!!!! And yes, I can really do that!(men are soooo difficult......I can't put my man/health story on here but e-mail me if you need a laugh)
    Thank heavens things are better---both of you, lounge as much as possible, movies, snuggle time, just take it easy. You're being watched over.


  2. I am glad to hear that things are looking much better for Ken. You are absolutely right when you say YOU have to keep your health up. ASK FOR HELP, TOO. Friends, relatives, neighbors often want to help but have no idea how. Trying to do everything yourself will wear you out.
    ((((((((((((Gentle hugs for both of you.))))))))))))))) :)Bea

  3. Whew, what a reminder of what the word "cherish" means. Glad he is home, and know you are in my thoughts. Hugs...

  4. Mary!! Its me please@@ have fab news to share about ramona Biefeld......need your assistance!!! BRICE 7405072262

  5. my thoughts and prayers are with you both...some god chicken and dumplings or turkey veg soup would do wonders. if i could cook i would...but if you need anything let me know and i will try to do what i can