Tuesday, December 22, 2009

a jolly busy day...

I picked up my last gift today and met and hugged two delightful little ones who radiate love and positive energy. They are so excited with the season's anticipation and expectations that they could be ready to lift off this worldly planet at any moment!!! We then went to the post office and the new St. Vincent de Paul food pantry .Haven for men, thrift shop and furniture donations to help those who need furnishings for a new apartment/new beginning. Small miracles here in my community! Then we stopped by Tina's to drop off "stuff" for Christmas art play, platters with gold trims and stars, Christmas ribbons and lights for the tree and candy canes to hang on the tree. Next we visited our 84 year old teenagers to wish them a marry Merry Christmas before they head out for their journey to Texas to spend time with their children. Young love delights my soul! The final stop was Kroger's... for the necessary but often avoided trip to get the groceries!!!! Yikes it was so crowded but two people working together we made fast work of this least favorite errand. I was so tired afterwards that I fell into the bed under the covers and fell right to sleep. I slept through the dinner hour but luckily Ken was ready and able to fix himself a quick dinner of baked chicken and chips...he also watched his favorite ESPN educational channel ... his basketball game. He is so tired and went to bed early which is perfect for his continued healing process. I am still wary that he is not out of the woods physically but spiritually he is holding onto the Holiday season. Fatigue is a tricky roommate and sneaks up when you least expect it! One step at a time... REST...listen to me Anne...try not to do too much!...just cuddle down with the one you love and watch the snowflakes gather and twirl from inside your studio windows.

I believe in miracles. Today I heard from a wonderful student I had the joy to work with over 20 years ago. This Internet "thing" is still amazing to me in how you can find people and reconnect. Now we hopefully will find a quiet time to meet and have lunch together to catch up. He is my gift today...whew I have had so many gifts today... Thank you.

In the grocery check out line I looked up to see my grandmother in front of me...well no she was not my grandmother really but she was in her wheel chair collecting goodies for Christmas eve for her family. As I unloaded her cart for her ...I studied her face and the red tint she had applied to her hair...I am sure for the holidays. She was counting her money and down to her change and loose coins. I joked but I really meant it...if she needed a little help I would help her out with the bills. I told her I could just use my credit card and we would both have a jolly jolly Christmas. She would not let me help her but the smile on her face from making this intimate connection in a grocery line made her smile with a child's delight. I felt so blessed for having this anonymous experience with a stranger I may never meet again...but we were both blessed!

I have some new pictures to share and so many that I will have to control myself and pass them out for the next couple of days! The deer were courageous today but the young bucks are way too fast for me to capture...the does are so much gentler and more trusting my presence in their environment. I just had a call to meet a dear young friend on Christmas eve for lunch. Since I am not down in the gallery very often I miss seeing my dear artists. I did go into the gallery today...two days before Christmas...and it was completely empty. It broke my heart because I put so much into my last days before Christmas...handmade cards and gift wrap plus personal shopping service for men who had come back for the last seven years to ask for my assistance. It is the personal touch we are all so hungry for in this commercialized Christmas season. Say a prayer and tell your friends to shop here for unusual gifts for the ones you happen to love in your life. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Mary Helen, you have proved that indeed, we are the angels that walk the world and look to care for each other, even if it is only and offer unaccepted but appreciated deeply.
    Absolutely beautiful post today, photos and all. Will be so glad when I am back to *normal* and can spend a bit more time at the computer, visiting and chatting.....
    Have a wonderful time with your family!!!


  2. What a wonderful experience, in the grocery store. You gave that older lady something very special. If only every one could realize how such an experience brings joy to both parties and it's such a easy thing to do. I leave today to be with my family. Enjoy yours and thank you for being my new friend. :)Bea