Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ouch!!! I am allergic to the cold...

I have been in bed with a very painful back...I do not want to say I have a bad back because it is the only back I have and Yes I do know my body's core is weak...but oh my gosh I have been useless. I am having difficulty sitting...standing and even laying down. Tomorrow will be a better day I am positive! In 1978 I spent three months in the hospital for serious back issues and in the end I did have surgery so I always get fearful when the pain returns. I have not heard about Anne's surgery so I will take Bea's advice and cuddle down with Ken under the quilts.

Even in bed I am working to get a 15 turkey donation for our Christmas dinner for 300! Cross your fingers with a little help from my friends I will be able to pick them up and deliver them to Skip and his special elves/cooks for the fabulous dinner that is being planned. Say a prayer and make an angel for yourself! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen


  1. NO NO NO, you listen to me. There are wonderful people out there that LOVE you and Ken and would LOVE to KNOW WHAT TO DO TO HELP YOU OUT. You need to call them up and ask if they can help deliver those turkeys. This time of the year especially, people NEED to feel NEEDED. They NEED to know that THEY HELPED OUT A FRIEND.
    Yes, it's wonderful that you have done it in the past but I am seriously concerned about your back pain. For one thing it's coming right after the stress related to Ken's issues. It's your body telling you that you don't want to slow down and so it's going to MAKE YOU SLOW DOwn.
    Let's others help you right now. It's part of your soul contract, you know. :)Bea

  2. When your back goes out (or any other suspicious body part), it's time to rest. So, dear one, rest up, and prepare for lots of cuddles : )
    PS Haven't heard about Anne yet, either. Hope all went well.

  3. Oh - I do hope your back feels better! I just met you over on Seth's blog. I'm Renee - and I wanted to tell you I copied down your statement about "Being an artist is a privilege..." Thank you for such wise words. May you heal....