Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I love that boom boom POW!!!! The Black Eyed Peas are filling the room with their energies...

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I have been to the post office, the bank. Memory Lane a favorite thrift shop in my downtown, laminated an article about my work in the ODC traveling exhibit Best of 2009, picked up the half price remnants at JoAnn's fabric store, picked up my Plavix at the pharmacy...and finally did a full cart of grocery shopping. Ken carried all of this in the house as I dug into two thick pieces of Erin's homemade pizza she sent from her kitchen. Whew where does the day go? I also picked up some buttons, some bronze spirals for embellishments for my works, additional funky "words" on a special clearance and a new paper punch of JOY! The beautiful Victoria Secret Models are strutting their stuff complete with functional angel wings with the Black Eyed Peas providing their Peaceful messages in a rocking rhythm. The colors are vibrant the youthful thin bodies are filled with Joy beyond words...At one time I was thin and vibrant like these young spirits. "It is the same old song with a different beat since you are gone...." music is rolling down like a falling cascade of a waterfall. "Put your brain in your butt..." did I just hear the trainer say such a thing. "My butt is on fire right now" plus a lot of attitude to get in the best shape they can possibly be in ...OMG! what are we teaching our youthful women??? Screen debuts...finalists? runways...Is this really that much different in the jurying process we put ourselves through when we risk entering a juried exhibition. I have always felt hanging my work up for the public is just like walking in a room naked!!! We reveal more than we realize when we make our sacred marks visible for the world to scrutinize and evaluate.

No one has more fun than my grand daughter Morgan Elizabeth who is ten months old. She tasted her grandfather's homemade sweet potato pie for lunch today and her world is a lot brighter with this sweet treat. She may not be a Victoria Secret model just yet but she is the most beautiful little angel who rocks our world. I feel Joy rising just being in the room with her as she plays with her big brother Marshal Cole...this is the first day of their Advent calendar with only 24 more days until Christmas! I hope you all enjoyed the photos and now I need to get back to work. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

I will try to photograph my new treasures tomorrow because I hope to STAY home and work on my projects and get Christmas on a roll at least on the first floor living area. Good Night sweet Princes and Princesses!


  1. LOOK AT THAT FACE!!!!!! Oh, she's adorable and so pleased with herself. The pie was a big hit! lol
    Busy day for you too. Take care of yourself. :)Bea

  2. Such a blessing these little ones.