Friday, December 11, 2009

The Hand Book ....

Please take a moment to check out the final presentation of Seth's The Altered Page...The Hand Book. This process began months ago with inspiration from a workshop and his collection of relics to give birth to an incredible altered book that reveals the fragility of being an authentic human being. His photographs reveal his project as the flowers bloomed in front of our eyes.

"your gentle hands
expose the the soul's wanderings
with depth and textures that reveal in quiet time
the mystery of this man's heart.
I feel I have been blessed
to be invited into your mind's eye...
to hear the beat of a human heartbeat sharing intimate silence...
exploding in sacred marks and vivid images and personal metaphors
embracing the human hand."

Bravo Seth on sharing your journey and process with the fortunate readers of your blog. I wish I could share some photos but I do not know how to move them from his blog to mine. I do hope you will allow yourself to take a quiet moment and hear and see his poetic process.

I am in for the night and hopefully will be able to finish my cards for mailing on Monday. I dropped off some wooden ornaments for the girls to paint and glitter for their Christmas Tree for 2009. Ken is growing a little stronger and remained inside the house grading finals and reading personal journals from his students.

The sky is perfectly clear tonight with the stars so bright one might feel they could reach out and touch them. Dakinis spirits high in the night sky for all to enjoy despite the bitter cold blanket that covers our valley. Artists share the wonder both visible and invisible through their unique sacred mark making. Continue your journey and share the wealth of living in an artist's life fulfilled. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. You said: "Artists share the wonder both visible and invisible through their unique sacred mark making."
    These are what I consider the happy accidents of art....that we're guided by another hand, that things are there because they need to be and not because we force them.
    So glad to hear Ken is getting better and I do hope you are not too worn out from it all. Take care......


  2. Thank you so much Mary Helen for highlighting Handbook. It was a labor of love for me. Happy holidays to you and your family!