Thursday, December 24, 2009

not a creature was stirring...not even a mouse....

It is almost Christmas...22 minutes to go and I am still wrapping and writing a few more Christmas cards. Yes, I do realize that they will arrive late but who the heck cares. I have enjoyed taking my time to enjoy the reconnection process and heard from people who called to thank me for remembering them. I had lunch with a young artist and her delightful daughter who is in the first grade. We exchanged artist trading cards...her was absolutely beautiful compared to my child like presentation. Michelle loves horses and brings them to life on tiny 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 cards in deep fluffy pastels. We made plans to get together one Saturday a month...not too much to require right? We will share different mini workshops just for the pleasure of getting together and share our sacred mark making with each other. Like I said I have made a few just lately but this might be just the kick in the butt to get out and mingle once again. I then visited the dreaded Walmart....Wally World on Christmas eve!!! I needed to get Miss Rosie her Iams puppy biscuits... she is really a low maintenance buddy and only requires a half of the cookie every time she ventures out into the cold, cold tundra to go to the bathroom. In Walmart people were busy but generally pleasant...could it have been the large golden jingle bell I insisted on ringing as I rushed through the crowds. Even old men were smiling when they realized that the sound was not coming from a child but a happy go lucky grandmother happy to have found dog cookies for woman's best friend. I then headed to Kohl's to find one more gift to even up the piles for the grand daughters...they notice if I forget that one special item they had reminded me to find...Hello Kitty perfume...I kid you not! I was walking briskly through the store and ringing my bell when I hit the children's department I heard a joyful squeal...Grandma! We chatted and made plans for later in the evening...I had to feed Grandpa supper. How long would that Take? she asked. She happened to be the one I was shopping for so I had to be swift and sneaky to get by her. She is at the tween age now so we are dangerously close to entering the teens where delusions and commercialism robs young girls of their wide eyed innocence. With several quick hugs in Public! I told her I would see her later after I cooked Cajun catfish and fresh asparagus and a small baked potato with sour cream. Nourishment to give us energy to make our Santa errands to deliver Ken's world famous fudge and caramel corn to three special friends who are there thick and thin when we need a helping hand. We rinsed our few dishes...the Cajun Fish was whoowee HOT but tasty. We made our selves presentable...I retrieve my magic golden jingle bell and off our sleigh went. One delivery was a three year old who now has a beloved Christmas mouse ...complete with her very own Golden jingle bell and some fudge and sweet corn. Then we rushed to our next Christmas eve destination to Rosie's godmother...Helen a dear friend for over 20 years. We now have reindeer pasta from her hospital twig a fund serve on Sunday when the grand kids come to our house for dinner. Then I made my last important delivery to put three bags of Christmas wishes under the Christmas tree plus a full package of new candy canes to add to their tree branches. It is amazing how these sweet treats have a way of disappearing right under our noses. Hugs and squeals galore I headed home but took a few detours to snap some photos of the Christmas lights...I won't grow up! When I came home I attempted to call a wonderful friend of over 23 years in Tucson and by golly we did it. We talked for 20 minutes and I felt as if I was levitating off this earth. Yes tears filled my eyes but hearing her precious voice was enough to make this a truly Holy night. The only thing better would be if we were together in person and having hot chocolate by the fireside.

Now I am back finishing the last of the wrapping and still maintaining my holiday chaos in the living room. I will work on the cards and get my next big project completed...the christening dress for Miss Morgan. We are going to get up early and head over to have breakfast with Cole and Morgan for their first Christmas in their new home. Then I am planning to serve Christmas dinner to 300 people who may be down on their luck. We did this last year and I was the one that was BLESSED! Merry Merry Christmas dear friends. This is a holy night in my heart. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Mary Helen, the one thing you did not mention was not only were you carrying a golden bell, but I am pretty sure there were some Angel wings popping out occasionally and halo glow that couldn't be covered up!
    You are truly a delight and I am so thankful for having met you through bring perspective not only to my life and art, but to my sould as well.
    I wish you and Ken and ALL the family you will have today the very best Holiday and the most LOVE to be found!!!!
    Merry Christmas my friend!


  2. Our small Internet community is a blessing to us all!!! This blog phenomena is a very contemporary miracle in creating a safe place to share our frailties and authenticity! I wish you a Merry Christmas and Peace for us all. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. Mary Helen our lunch was an awakening for me. With everything busy in life it is nice to slow down and meet up with friends and plan times to share together. I made a certificate of authenticity for your cards. I will work on sending you a template to print out in a format your printer can read. I put one on mine (which I cherish very much) and it will remain in my collection as my first traded ATC.

    Love ya,